Shortlisted: Young Photographer of the Year

Woooo excellent news :) I've been shortlisted for the Young Photographer of the Year! See my entry below and here.
That's my eldest brother there - 12 years of age. Wearing my hat, clothes and necklaces. He doesn't really look like me (he has gorgeous green eyes) except for the hair, which is a shorter version of mine... Anyway, I did my other brother too.
And that's my youngest brother, nine, but he's already a model. It makes me sick to think of all the money he'll have when he's older. Ha those are the shorts I wore here.
Ohhh and some excitin' new posts a-coming :) Halloween party last night... Perhaps a little too much chunder for liking, but still had an excellent time - will find a photo later. Happy trick-or-treating


Stop with me tonight

£1 car boot camel jersey shirt, £2 lace primark top, £15 topshop shorts, £10 stall bag, £20 new look boots,  £1.50 carboot hat
I really do try to give structure to this blog, but for some reason I have difficulty managing my priorities. I actually do have some posts up my sleeves, please believe me. In other news, Vampire Diaries. Mmm. Whatever X Factor. And went to a fun Masquerade party, again. Perhaps I should invest in a more interesting mask... Anyway, car boot sale tomorrow, wish me all the best.