Last night I saw a band. Or the night before last.

Can't remember what they were called, they were distinctly average. But here's what I wore.
Yep quick outfit change where I regained my dignity. Anyway, c'est mon anniversaire, happy birthday to me! I'm thinking a giveaway soon, we have many a things to celebrate.. Being seeing you later.
levi shorts & shirt & sequinned crop top & bag - all vintage, ralph lauren belt, white h&m tank, topshop tights, primark hoodie

Photo credit to my beautiful friend Lucy, who was kind enough to donate her Xx album to me.


You are a radar detector

After a stressful two hours of 50 tabs, 2 continuous phone calls and 3 almosts, I GOT MY READING TICKET! And The Libertines are reforming for the event. Can't get much better..
Hope you all had a lovely Easter.. I spent it in Cornwall, in the sea, it was bloody cold!

And, as you can see, making chocolate macaroons! They might not all be perfectly formed, but they still tasted pretty good.. Have the recipe here. But I ignored the prune idea, I'm not that wild :)

Next, I plan to conquer a raspberry flavour perhaps, pink.. or blue? Chocolate filling, but blue cookies. Yum.

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