Living for the dark night sky

Sooooo this is the massive haul for my eBay shop, featuring some pink denim shorts a lá Fashion Toast a lá Isabel Marant, the genius behind the beige short cowboy ankle boots. AND I recently remebered that I have been stacking a copious amount of Superdry vouchers (why do people keep giving me Superdry stuff? I don't like hate Superdry), and they have a similar kind of boots here, thoughts and opinions?
I'm off to a fun house party in Sussex (there's a pool!) so I'll see y'all later this half term. I'll be wearing my new highlighter pink lipstick!
Click images for their eBay listing!
I apologise on the lack of posts, but as everyone knows, it's exam period. Only three to go so blogging picks up from here :)
Blogger's been enjoying wreaking havoc recently, non?


Flower garlands and country lanes

vintage/old denim jacket, ebay sandals £3, charity shop floral midi dress £3.50, asos silver armour ring £6
These photos are from a lovely day spent in Hampshire at my grandparents house, reading, making daisy chains and eating barbecue, raspberries & meringue before we were rudely interupted by a thunderstorm and heavy rain - a rainbow compensated for the wetness.
I loved swanning around in this dress, a steal from a charity shop where Jazmine regulary volunteers. I bought it in the midst of winter where summer pining was highest, and have heavily planned its debut. The cut is so incredibly flattering for my shape, I think I'll have to copy the pattern: tied in waist, v-neck, flared skirt. Hopefully this is the start of many a maxi/midi dress related ventures.

+ Aren't the flowers lovely? The only ones out were blue and purple, but luckily they match my dress. Ohhhh the wonders of a 50mm lens

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La fiesta

orange asos tshirt, old poncho & necklace, vintage shorts £5 from brick lane
1moustache and me; 2I whip my hair; 3garden; 4ellie and moustache; 5the cat which joined us; 6izzy spins; 7izzy enquires; 8josh and meg fiesta; 9phoebe, meg, lucy and moustaches; 10me, lucy and moustaches

Photos from my party, Mexico themed. We dined on chicken fajitas (complete with guacamole, sour cream, cheese, salsa), nachos and finished with mango in a chilli and lime syrup (and the compulsory chocolate birthday cake naturally); we drank ginger beer, elderflower and lime beer and of course Sol, the Mexican cerveza; and at midnight I opened some Asos, New Look and Clinique goodies :) Couldn't have had a better time, gracias mis amigos!

¡Hastaa luego!