A Touch of Fluro

h&m floral dress £4, brothers cream blazer, black satchel bag h&m via charity shop £2.50, asos hippie charm neon necklace £1.50, new look suede moccasins £25 
This dress was a steal from H&M online - long delivery, but when you get 4 items for £11 it's so worth it! 
Break from revision to get a Sicilian lemonade frappichino from Caffe Nero. So glad that the  sunny weather has hit me on a week offff from exams! Working on my tan as it is currently non-existant (not for long hehe). Shout out to the lovely lasses, Izzy and Phoebe who visited me today for sun, pizza and ice lollies. And to my boyfriend, I'm very proud of my trainee photographer :) Even though he may not be the best apprentice!
Good news: lots of shorts coming to my shop soon! Let summer commence


"Seriously good haul this year! Blimey, I think I'll come of age next year too!"

AWESOME gifts from my friends & boyfriend. One of the small pleasures of coming of age. 

1: berry shower gel, soap & glory goodies, 
maybelline gel eyeliner, no7 beautiful skin bb cream normal/oily, 
max factor 24hr mascara and smoky eye stick, 
17 berry crush lip tint, spiced instant chai latte 
2: miss selfridge ring
 gosh nail polish in purple heart
4: jane norman wedge flatforms
5: pretty ring standy thing 
 6: h&m coral pink shirt dress

Also got some misc gifts like silvery goblets, a fancy cake, 'G' letter mug, Chewits, mint liquor. Who doesn't love the random stuff friends comes up with? I've been doing that thing where you collect all your presents together and keep them there, even though this is mildly inconvenient... Makes me smile :) Very grateful to everyone!

 Post title: Ronald Bilius Weasley, the Half Blood Prince

Standard ebay shop spam: got a lovely Topshop jumper, a sheer contrast cardigan and a vintage tartan cape thingimajobby which is, in my opinion, pretty awesome.

And yes, I did wear these shoes below before I "hauled" them. Broke an unwritten blogging/youtube law...


Flatform Uniform

strappy black jane norman flatforms £35 £11, h&m "riding pants" £14.99 £9.99, forever 21 cut sleeve sheer blouse via Izzy, ebay satchel £3, miss selfridge silver collar £7 £3.25, revlon super lustrous lipstick in black cherry

  • Hellloooo and WELCOME! Oh dear, it has been long. Its a shame when something that you love doing has to take a backseat, ohh the pains of ~real life~.
  • Since my last post I've turned 18! A real lady! I even voted in the London elections! I've also spent way too much time on Pottermore*, claim 2 free bottles of Prosecco at Pizza Express and just generally work revise work shop internet internet. Hmm. Well I'll be back with a belated birthday "haul" next post, so be ready.
  • So this is what I wore to a party this Saturday, except with fuchsia lipstick - this one was lurking under my wardrobe at the time.
  • SHOUT out to le boyfriend, who bought me these shoes. He even let me culture him at the V&A yesterday.
  • I will be back, and thank you to my followers for bearing with this prolonged absence. Finally, check out my eBay stuff, ending tomorrrrrrow!

*I don't even want to talk about where I was sorted.
Warning: I've already returned one pair of these leggings after a split-seam-at-crotch mishap. ohhhh dear