I heard that your dreams came true

velvet blazer from a french supermarket, borrowed urban outfitters chinos, h! by henry holland brogue boots £48, vintage ralph lauren belt, carboot sale necklace 20p, charity shop bag £5

Dayyy trip! Went to Oxford to check out the uni with my friend on Friday... Lol not going to happen ever. My reason of going was for the free lunch and obviously the opportunity to take some lovely photos. Sorry that they're all a bit lopsided actually, had to rush to keep up! The best part of the day was definitly the Christ Church college, it's the place where Harry Potter & co queue before getting sorted in the first film! I was so excited tears came to my eyes... Afterall, I am a true Harry Potter neek.

Updated with stock! Includes some ASOS Leather Shorts, and American Apparel Skater Dress and some size 4 brogues... Go. Buy. Be Happy. Until later peoples


Rippled Lightning

izzy's urban outfitter trousers £15, primark shoes £2, mango sunglasses £3, carboot necklace 50p, ebay rucksack £14, asos top via charity shop £4, mum's vintage cardigan
+Readers, meet the nipple jumper, named by some friend's who couldn't understand why I'd skinned a cats underside and made a cardigan out of it. You've actually met it before, here, which I thought was weird - then I'd nearly reached 100 followers, and now I've nearly reached 200!
++Stole these lightning trousers/hareems/pjs off Isabel, they are the most unflatteringly comfortable things ever. So amazingly light. A shame you didn't get to see the back of the top, it's completely fringed which is gawjusss.

Wishing you a very merry Sunday & I shall be updating the eBay Shop shortly!
Bumped into Jazmine in "her" charity shop yesterday :) Nice to finally meet her after only glancing her from afar!
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Who else got their groupon ASOS voucher? Am very excited, can't decide what to choose!



models own in champagne, barry m in red glitter and raspberry and some silver glitter, space nails in an assortment (about 10... did this with kitchen paper which I saw on a blog somewhere - I forget where!), 17 in midnight sapphire & barry m blue glitter
Feeling a bit very ill, so no outfit post. These are some random nail photos I keep taking and not blogging... Better late than never! As you can see, I have a fixation with shiny things, although I would love to try the Rimmel Matte Top Coat that's been circulating.

Subtle I know... You weren't expecting that ;)
I leave you with a quote from Project Runway's Michael Kors:
"She looks like a transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral!"