Down by the rollercoaster

primark lace crop top (£2!), ebay acid wash denim skirt, mango sunglasses, claires peach flower and necklace, vintage satchel
So when I approached my usual blank white wall, there was a rocking horse instead, who goes by the name of Gyspy. Oh the joys of having three brothers! Decided to have some fun with the photos, makes a change from the usual moody stare. And.. That's right.. I'M BACK. And browned. Malaga was a well earned break from London, it was nice to walk around nearly naked and not get weird looks (kidding). I actually bought the sunglasses there, only 4euro. Anyone going anywhere exciting soon?

And.. Nikon D5000. Thoughts?
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Yes, my nose is... more tanned than the rest of me.


Mesh Mesh Mesh

Yep, that's right. Return of the MESH. (Previously worn here). And of the Levi's.. Shhh.

ebay mesh shirt, vintage levi shorts and cardigan, primark tights
 So this was the first of many celebrations for end of exams, we indulged in strawberries, champagne and sugar. Since then it's been seriously hot, and I've mainly been wandering around in a state of near nakedness not suitable for the likes of here... Haven't we all? :)
I'm going to Spain soon with "ma girlz", which is why I'm rooting for Spain tomorrow - then the mood will be fantastic when I arrive on Tuesday, it's always nice to not be in a country in state of national depression.

NEARLY 100 FOLLOWERS? How insane is that? I'll be seeing y'all soon
The beautiful girl on my right is the hostess herself... Thank you. And, photo credit to Izzy.

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Oh and you can't see here very well, but my new signature look is orange lipstick.


Cupcakes, cats and jelly

1. Earl Grey tea cupcakes - I was largely disappointed with these, they were merely vanilla flavoured. I aim to perfect this, the multiple recipies I found were no good.

2. Meet Claude. He's not mine, but we engaged in a tense staring competion. Apparently his name is Claws, but c'mon, Claude is way more suitable. (But why does he have NO pupils??)

3. My work experience building in Canary Wharf: can you imagine how nervous I was entering this building? But it's all ok now, the people are so lovely, but my brain is muddled with equity swaps, hedge funds and long positions to name but a few.

4. And, although located in the middle of the city, this is where I'm eating lunch, in Jubilee Park. It's actually beautiful, and right next to the building. On the left is the M&S raspberry jelly I ate, yum.
Hope you're enjoying the heat wave, and A MESSAGE TO ALL TUBE-RIDERS. Do not, do not, use Johnson's holiday skin fake tan. You smell so bad. That's right, worse than the body odour. Sorry.
Oh and the view from the 31st floor of London is amazing!
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