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vintage red skirt, belt && bag, ebay sheer blouse, primark tights and top, new look boots, topshop socks, old necklace

I love love love my Ebay sheer blouse. Why pay £20 at H&M when you can pay £2.50? Its ideal for summer layering.

And so, this is me at the car boot sale.. I was looking for an oversize pattern cardigan, these are the two I found (for your amusement), but waaay to oversize for my shortness: they say there's a limit. Got two new necklaces - I can't help it, I have an obsession - a tee which I've already chopped, bag and some standard knitwear. I'll be back there in two weeks.

Also, curse my feet. Stupid size.
And Biology papers. A paper cut per exam.
Blogging to you from past paper hell
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Photo credit to Izzy, camera and shot taking.


  1. I love the red/coral color of the skirt amidst all the black. Those sweaters are awesome, but they look huge, like you could go camping and use them as sleeping bags.

  2. a girl after my own heart. i can never pass up a good car boot sale. the intrigue is too much for me. what if i find that perfect coat..sweeater..dress..?

    hot marmalade pudding

  3. wauw i love the last 2 photos and your hair is amazing!

    im following you, you2?

  4. Nice one gee. I'm there for the next sale..xxx

  5. Nice blog !!! I love your taste !

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    visit to see my archive, you will love them!!


  6. The color of that skirt is just beautiful!

  7. I like your skirt color.. really cute

  8. beautiful outfir, i love the stockings :)

    x courtney


  9. you are STUNNING :O i love your tights and skirt :)
    loving the blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  10. you look so fabulous ,those boots are so rad and both coats look amazing on you
    you shoulve bought at least one!!!

  11. Your style is so adorable!

  12. Ohh my gosh, i LOVE your blouse!
    Ebay actually rules
    And i know how you feel about the whole feet thing, i hate mine, size 3 barely fits me :/ xx


  13. your skirt is a gorgeouss spring color!!

  14. your hair is lovely and i adore the skirt <3

  15. ok so ive said this a few times before, but damn you have the most amazing hair!! so jealous.
    love the colour of that skirt, looks gorgeous with the sheer shirt and polka dotted tights.
    and haah, those crazy oversize knits are pretty sick ;) car boot sales are the best x

  16. i love the skirt and good luck with the rest of your examss!!!

  17. wow i love this outfit. i like your blog!

  18. Its so cool that there are places for you to thrift shop :)
    And I love your ebay blouse too :) my sisters are currently so into sheer, chiffoney blouse/tops and yes, i'm gonna be a new convert soon LOL

    ps: the green jelly-like thingy is called Cendol (Pronounced Chen-Dowl, as in dough). It's made of flour, and some green food colouring and pandan flavouring. Its usually served with shaved ice, coconut milk and brown sugar. The one I had was with some kidney beans as you can see :) and yes, both my sisters blogged as well. Their links are as below and do check them out :)


    Thanks very much for dropping by & hope you have a pleasant week ahead ;)


Fankss man :)