Row row row your boat

 £6 beyond retro vintage t-shirt, £15 topshop shorts, £6 uniqlo cardigan, vintage belt, £4 h&m sunglasses
A little punting on the Oxfordian river of Cherwell. Take note of the stag party dressed in boater hats, braces, and waistcoats. Good old English tradition. Naturally, the filth that came out of their mouth contradicted their whimsical attire.

-got my gcse results! i'm so happy!-
-hope you all got the grades you wanted-

Just got back from Reading Festival - naturally I'm half dead. Photos soon!


Rustic reds and Mustard yellows

My weekend so far has involved:

1. A trip to the A£E | 2. Scalpels without anaesthetic | 3. 52 pills
So please take it in your kind hearts to excuse the lack of an outfit post. But please, enjoy these pretty pictures instead.

-edit: why is blogger being such an idiot? terribly sorry for this awful mess-


Under the influence

charity shop shorts (£2), river island DIY-ed collared top (£3), vintage bag (from mother) &  belt, flea market earrings (£1), car boot sale cowboy boots (£1), primark sunglasses (£1)
Underage festival on Sunday - Courteeners, Darwin Deez, MIA, Lightspeed Champion, Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder, Chiddy Bang, Ellie Goulding, Stornaway... And so much more. Special thanks to Meg, who got the tickets :) 
It was my second time to the festival, and ended up being a very dusty experience.
And yes, I'm wearing a bumbag/ fannypack. It was my mums from the 80's, true vintage. This isn't my first time at a festival, and I've always hated carrying a bag when jumping around in crowds and being sucked into moshpits. This is the answer. When I'm not bouncing about, I wear as a shoulder bag. Hey, if Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs can do them, so can I.

1. Looking back, I'll chop slash fray these shorts shorter. I think I'm accidentally channelling "lesbian clown". 
2. Isn't it a weird moment when you realise you're wearing nothing over £3? Oh sorry, you wouldn't know, you're not a tramp :)
3. See y'all


Serpentine Serpentine

vintage cardigan, random silk pyjama shirt, vintage levi cut offs, ralph lauren belt, accessorize necklace, h&m wedges
This is from when I made a visit to Hyde Park to play on the new Boris-approved table tennis... A bit standard really. It was right by the Serpentine Gallery, in which there was an exhibition by Wolfgang Tilman, slightly disappointing: no photos were particulary special, and I didn't enjoy the pieces of coloured paper is plastic boxes (despite the contours probably representing different stages of his emotional journey bla bla bla). However, the cafe there, designed by Jean Nouvel was lovely, done up in red plastic with hammocks and even vegetables growing on the side.. Later there was a "sleepover", (in connection with the V&A) with workshops about dreams, insomnia and sleep - complete with cocktails, Victorian trifles with either powerful stimulants or calming remedies and artistic films. This all sounded very exciting, but you needed to pre-book tickets :(
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And this is just a preview of my £7.99 leopard print wedges, you love them or you hate them...
Yeah, nice dodgy phone pics as well. Camera was out of battery.