Tartan city

charity shop tartan scarf £1, h&m via charity shop satchel £2.50, ebay leather jacket £2, internacionale leggings £10, topman necklace £3, primark tee £2, topshop boots £7

Just a quick outfit post from when I visited Bristol
Pizza Express have already sent me vouchers for free Prosecco in celebration!
I'm having a 50s theme party on Friday to celebrate my passing to "womanhood". Heres what I'll be spending my birthday money on :)
1 topshop black sandals £18 |  2 topshop lush mirror heels now on sale but none in my size! £30 |  3 topshop rose gold pointed game courts £48 |  4 jane norman flatforms £11|  5 ghds max £119 :s |  6 l'oreal perfect slim liner £8 |  7 l'oreal telescopic false lash mascara £11 |  8 asos aztec dress £8.50 |  9 boohoo black collared dress £15 |  10 asos pink clutch £18 |  11 revlon lip butter in cupcake/strawberry shortcake £8  |  12 topshop black skinny jeans |  13 topshop limited midi dress - potential prom dress, but not very prom-my £150  |  14 asos hippie charm yellow necklace £1.50 | 15 fish eye lens

Don't even get me started on Zara. That has a wishlist of its own.

Bids end on Thursday!


Rose tinted spectacles 00

pretty underwear; free starbucks latte with the bf; disposable photo from summer
jamie & coffee; table ornaments in bristol; jamie again 
disposable photo from nye; houses of parlament from the thames; beer on the pier
fishcake salad in bristol; big ben from the thames; fancy jacket potato in bristol 
hai its me; thames view; haiii its me again

Just some fake "instagram" shots seeing as I only have a crappy Blackberry. Can't believe my phone is meant to last me 2 years - 6 months in and I have to do a battery pull every morning plus I have three apps [zomg] which is apparently too much. Really? Really?

I think I'll do this every two weeks as I like seeing my life looking way cooler than it actually is, hence the post title. I even considered #myindielife or #myhipsterlife.

Caaaan I interest you in some lovely items in my eBay? Some aztec pieces that will take you from spring to summer, AND a beautiful brand new Topshop fur coat. See here


Be casual: dipped hem dress

dipped hem dress ebay £7, vintage sleeveless denim jacket via lucy, primark plimsolls £2, topman cross necklace £3, isobel kho canvas bag

When I found this dipped hem/hi low/mullet/asymmetric dress on eBay, I actually paused and considered bidding. If this is you now, don't. JUST BUY. I love love love wearing this, it's something that is actually a pleasure to wear [hence the spinning and jumping]. I figured I could only wear it with heels and that a "casual" look would be unattainable - is it reality or vanity that causes bloggers add giant-ass heels to the most casual day outfits?
So anyway. Here's my advice. Grab a mixture of short and long layers, add a bit of denim and shove on whatever shoes you find comfiest.

Expect more on this dress.
And I found a cuter version at New Look - it has awesome triangle cut out detail at the back. 
My excuse for buying this despite being broke is that I needed it for a costume party to be a witch. Ha.