Snowdrops on a summers day

I felt like the ice queen when I went out in this. Its so blue, and well, icy!
I am also quite pleased with myself for not throwing away this denim jacket from when I was about 8. Does that make it "vintage"??

Yes, in each photo I'm wearing a different dress... I planned to wear the white one, but then my sister insisted that I would stain it and therefore couldn't wear it (its hers), so I wore my patterned one, which I think I prefer anyway.
white dress miss selfridge, patterned dress french market, denim jacket old, white cuff gift, scarf from market, plimsolls primark


Life in a bubble jungle

There have been no posts recently due to revision and the likes. However, I promise an outfit post soon. But here, have some photos...
Photo I took of my brother blowing bubbles. I love bubbles - don't you?

I wake up and there are these dogs: one brown, one blue

I also forget to mention that her (Leigh Lezark) dog has a very cool Halloween outfit...

The taste of ink is getting old

Leigh Lezark: DJ, occasional model, member of the Misshapes, vampire lookalike? True inspiration.

collaged by me, images courtesy of style.com


And I'm feeling ... green

Saw "Hello, Dolly!" the musical today because my second cousin was in it. I feel so much happier now, and especially after watching all those lovely costumes being swirled around. I feel quite dizzy thinking about it...
I wore my homemade bleached shorts yesterday for a gathering round at a friends yesterday - I can't wait to post about them :)
cardigan tesco, topshop dress, vintage belt, primark tights && boots


I see the sun breaking down into dark clouds, and a vision of you, standing out in the crowd.

I see the sun breaking down through dark clouds

shorts from top left (clockwise): abercrombie;jackwills; h&m;h&m, clu jersey tank, brogues both topshop, bag && earrings miss selfridge


Brook Power

This girl has inspired me to skate. I am also very jealous of her artistic ability and cute American accent.

I am so sinful.



On the 23rd April I saw Art Brut at an instore gig at Banquet Records.

That place is an absolute legend! They've housed Noah & the Whale, Mystery Jets, Frank Turner, White Lies, The Rifles, The Futureheads and many more, for a mere cost of one album. And then you get free signed posters after (and anything else you want signed, see my ticket holder below).

Now I can't wait for Alessi's Ark & Hockey: I love their single "Too Fake".



Why did I get all the useless genes?? My mother went shopping and bought the most amazing pair of shoes from Kurt Geiger. As you can see, they are bronze reptilian platforms. BUT WHY IS SHE A SIZE 4? Why? Why am I almost 3 sizes bigger than her, my own mother? Maybe I'm adopted.

And yes, I did take the picture on my sink. :)


The flowers have bloomed

I did it! Be proud of me.

When I put the jumper on, I became overhwhelmed with pink. So I then proceeded to pile on the necklaces. I'm off to finish art coursework, wish me luck.

vintage blazer, bloomers topshop, jumper h&m, boots unknown, ring primark, chains various: claires, primark, homemade, vintage



Because today is a lazy day, there is no outfit post. Unless I feel like it later?
I find them depressing anyway because atm I'm using my phone camera.
Here, have my latest article I wrote for the local guardian online. Yes, a little unimaginative but I can't get away from it, so I gave up trying to avoid it.

Swine Flu

I have to say, one of my worst yet?
Here are my others, some of which I am proud of (the public transport one)

Public Transport: The Marmite of London
Credit Crunch? Not in my caravan...
Traditional Dress - Lost to the Nation?
Teen drama: Skins
Lily Allen - Popstar or Political Speaker?

Then again, I think an outfit post is worth it, due to the fact that I'm wearing my Topshop bloomers. Tempting...


Lazy Days...

As I'm conserving my energy during this 3day weekend, I mucked around in photoshop today, something I haven't done for a long time. Here are threeedits I made, for my mum, my friend Phoebe who has always dreamed of having purple hair and also for a brother (who strangely wanted an evil eye to make paper glasses out of). I perfected Phoebe's skin, green'd her eyes and pink'd her lips. I still think her hair strands need some work though...

all photos belong to me except eye image