Into the garden, under the ivy

I went to an evil themed party recently, I went as a vampire (original, I know) and I've got a Moulin Rouge themed party next - my outfit will be pretty much the same but with more things feathery, glittery and red. And minus the tears of blood from my eyes.

Under the leaves,
Away from the party,
Right to the rose,
Right to the white rose
For me.
Not sure I like this post, its a bit too messy for my liking...
I've eventually got round to showing you this dress I made. It's a bit of a basic outfit, floral dress and a leather jacket (or should I say "pleather"?).
Really basic sewing: rectangle of Laura Ashley fabric, hemmed and then sewn to form a tube. Which is why it doesn't fit great, but there wasn't much fabric to work with. It was just leftover curtain material in my house.
handmade dress, h&m boys leather bomber jacket, vintage belt
Revised lyrics taken from Under the Ivy by Kate Bush


Red and purple lipstick all over the page

Any ideas as to where I should apply for work experience in London? My first application was rejected. Ugh. Something about university people getting priority? Ugh ugh ugh. I'll cheer myself up by talking about my new (but very old) winter coat..


I actually wanted an vintage American Football jacket last year, when I saw one in Beyond Retro, but decided against it (as it was £30 and I wouldn't wear it much due to difficult colours), and I'm glad I didn't. I picked this one up from a car boot sale for only £4! It was in really bad quality though, the lining was moth eaten and stained. Easily fixed by a seamstress!

vintage jacket and bag, h&m top and hat, topshop shorts and primark boots
&&& YAY I have 20 followers now! Thank you so much! My blogs date back to miles ago, but as you can see I only got round to posting once per month. That time is over. I'm hopefully back for good.


One life here with me and it's magic

I've been so busy with work recently that the blog has become stagnant :( I've been trying to find work experience placements as well as revising for my maths GCSE which is on Tuesday... Wish me luck!

I've been really inspired by Ladyhawke (aka Pip Brown) recently. Her refusal to wear womens clothes paired with a bowler hat and her new song Magic (post title). Here are a few of my favourite photos of her. And hence have worn a baggy leather jacket and jumper for this next outfit. Which, incidentally, are both meant for boys.

dads jumper, h&m boys leather jacket, primark boots

P.S. Sorry I look so moody and evil in this photo, I'm not sure what happened here...
P.P.S. I have scheduled posts so I can regulate posts on the blog! Why didn't I think of this before??
P.P.P.S. But of course I will still get back to all your lovely comments!