Leather in cold light

both: jaeger charity shop green blazer £5, charity shop leather skirt £6, gift necklace
day: floral urban outfitters top £10, new look moccassins £25 
night: leopard sheer top charity shop £5, asos boots £37

Wore this skirt twice on the weekend because I'm a lazy girl and its nice. So its a day2nite thing! Anyway you're meant to take notice of my new shoes, which I bought in the flash Asos sale a few weeks ago down from £75 - they're back up again! I removed the ridiculous gingham laces and they are, for now, laceless.
I say goodbye to you sitting in an awkward position, a result of walking 100km with a 20kg rucksack. Should probably complete my UCAS or something, but I think I'll trawl through ebay instead. Seee ya
^Meaningful look. Go shop. Proper winter shop update coming soon!


Indian Summer

leopard h&m wedges £8, ebay shorts £1, asos top £6, charity shop bag £1, asos necklace £3, vintage sunglasses
So today was the final day of the temporary "indian summer", barely scraping that at 21C. What's new? Had an all day English lecture and now by mind is riddled with pastoral idylls and other awful concepts. Off to clear my head of such nonsense with some TOWIE and Made in Chelsea. Ohhhh structured reality shows, you entertain me so with your awkward pauses, awful acting and magically disappearing drinks. Here's a photo of a nice passionflower from the garden. Stunning right?
Some lovely Topshop suede shorts to be found...