Christmas Eve Eve

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Finished the winter term with an excellent party, accompanied by this beautiful burgundy (or maroon) velvet dress. A dress for Christmas parties, then I'm cracking out the leather trousers for NYE. I'm veeery excited.... Anyway, this is a night saver - it hit me that I didn't like the purple skater dress I'd just bought a week before, a classic Georgia moment of delayed indecision. Thankfully, I always keep my recipts for occasions as such. And I saved two pounds :) Oh and Luce, thanks for the pic above. 
 velvet new look dress £5, mums barbour, vintage duffle bag, matalan heels £14, leopard primark print tights £2, (new) vintage earrings 50p
Who's in agreement that the Barbour is the ultimate winter party coat? Yeah it looks trampy, but... FIVE POCKETS. That may not sound like a lot, but one goes all the way around. Waterproof and you can put in a fleecey lining. Oh, I'm not getting paid by Barbour to write this. They're just incredibly convenient.
Have a very Merry Christmas :)


I don't need a cloak to become invisible.

car boot sheepskin aviator coat £4.50, carboot jumper £1.50, car boot necklace 50p, topshop shorts £30, primark two tone tights £2, new look boots £20
I did say at the begininng of this season that I wouldn't buy into the aviator trend, but... A real sheepskin coat for under a fiver? How could I say no? One of the hardest parts of car booting is disguising your shock at prices. I felt like I was robbing the guy...
First pictures from the Nikon D5000. The blanket of snow (as opposed to the standard thin grey slush) arrived in time for the camera :) Hope you've had a festive week, I'm still waiting for the fresh smell of pine needles... Got your tree yet?
- Post title quote by Dumbledore
You know it's cold when 4degreesC is warm.