I hate it when I'm in London and Miley tells me theres a party in the USA.

Nothing like a bit of inspiration from the CobraSnake. Enjoy.
P.S Also thank you to all my new followers!


Madames and monsieurs please return to your cubicles

Haha, shoot me now. NYE photos.. over two weeks late.
I had an awesome night, thank you Izzy :)
She kindly donated a house to trash.
Hey, I helped tidy up! A bit.
Me in action. Attractive. Huh. Where are my heels??
Oh and the this picture is purely for my own (and your) amusement. I have no idea as to what was going through my mind at this point.
For the more observant of you, yes I'm wearing different blazers in each photo. Don't ask.

The dress is actually my mothers from the 80's, I've only had the privilege of wearing once before to a Barbie party :) What would I do without my family and their clothes?

vintage sequin dress, blazer of a brother, tuxedo of a father, mask of another brother..

P.S the post title is from a song by the Maccabees (who are pretty good btw) who actually wrote the song about a swimming pool @ a leisure centre I attended as a kid.. Small world huh?


Iron man is alive again!

Sorry there's no New Year's Eve outfit yet, it will come soon I promise! At times I did look like I should be hosting a gameshow somewhere, but hey, it was NYE! But first, some shorts I've been near living in for the past few days.. And excuse my room.
vintage levi shorts, topshop tights, h&m kids iron man tee, ralph lauren belt, homemade necklace

I went to a fun-fair with an ice skating rink and a circus, there I took some photos of pretty lights :) Otherwise I haven't been up to much due to my looming trial exams, I'm going to have to rely on natural talent to get through them... Let's just say revision hasn't been going well.

2010 brings a more monochromatic me a continuous style. It kinda varies at the moment. Not sure if I like it. I made some resolutions though:
  • Revise more (a classic)
  • Drink more water
  • Get a job (which is hard when your 15)
  • Make more lists (and become more organised)
  • Blog more
  • Reduce my run to 20mins && do it more often
  • Find the perfect method to tame my hair
  • DECIDE BETWEEN A LEVEL HISTORY & ENGLISH. Any thoughts or advice on this matter?
What are yours? I wish you all the best of luck..