Iron man is alive again!

Sorry there's no New Year's Eve outfit yet, it will come soon I promise! At times I did look like I should be hosting a gameshow somewhere, but hey, it was NYE! But first, some shorts I've been near living in for the past few days.. And excuse my room.
vintage levi shorts, topshop tights, h&m kids iron man tee, ralph lauren belt, homemade necklace

I went to a fun-fair with an ice skating rink and a circus, there I took some photos of pretty lights :) Otherwise I haven't been up to much due to my looming trial exams, I'm going to have to rely on natural talent to get through them... Let's just say revision hasn't been going well.

2010 brings a more monochromatic me a continuous style. It kinda varies at the moment. Not sure if I like it. I made some resolutions though:
  • Revise more (a classic)
  • Drink more water
  • Get a job (which is hard when your 15)
  • Make more lists (and become more organised)
  • Blog more
  • Reduce my run to 20mins && do it more often
  • Find the perfect method to tame my hair
  • DECIDE BETWEEN A LEVEL HISTORY & ENGLISH. Any thoughts or advice on this matter?
What are yours? I wish you all the best of luck..


  1. cute shorts! I love them with the tights! xx

  2. i love the shirt and the tights! You look so cool in tem and your hair id so gorgeous!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  3. Your room looks lovely, no need to excuse it!! Also your hair is out of control BEAUTIFUL!!! I am SOOooo jealous!!!! Those little shorts are devilishly fun and sweetly paired with those heart tights ;)

  4. Might I just say, PLEASE NEVER TAME YOUR HAIR. I loooooove it SO MUCH. Awesome outfit. I looove the tights. =]
    Ehhh my resolutions are to be healthier...but I just baked some cookies so we'll see how that goes. And to be happy. Which so far, is going quite well =]

  5. Great outfit, that tee is fantastic!

  6. Love your tights...and your t-shirt is just the one I need\want to have:)

  7. You look so cool in tem and your hair id so gorgeous!

    lise charmel

  8. oh i love that outfit! i wish i was that tiny :)

    i didnt make my header... my friend lauren tamaki, an amazing illustrator made it for me!! i cant sraw for my life! xxoo

  9. hello there, i'm a first time visitor to your blog but think its great, can we linkswap? i'm adding you to my bloglist. absolutely love this outfit!! but weren't you cold outside? brrr.. london is freezing at the moment. your hair doesn't need taming darling, its beautiful.

    as a uni graduate who has been through the a-level discussions with myself and my little sis, here's my opinion: a-level english is more if you want to do a subject which involves reading books and analysing them in super-miniscule detail. but you also have to look the books as a whole and compare them with other books so it helps if you're widely read already. the essays are (in my opinion) based slightly more on your personal analysis of a whole book or a group of books or a theme/topic within a book. i think its a bit more objectively marked and it helps if you have a natural flair (from the writing on your blog i say you do!). history on the other hand is much more based on learning solid historical facts and using them as a central part of your analysis. i took history but not english and whilst i think i coped well with history, i don't think i could have done english purely because of the sheer amount of reading that is needed. in history, you are told solid facts like 'these were the 5 causes of the uprising during so-and-so-revolution' whilst in english, its more like 'discuss the use of metaphysical imagery' - a bit wider. i'm going on and on but i hope this helps :)


  10. loving ur tights and of course ur tee x

  11. ugh i'm still on the quest to finding the perfect method to tame my hair. i feel it is a never ending journey, regrettably. mm i didn't make a list this year, but i should...ha, and listening to Mother when she scolds for leaning in chairs should be one of them :P

    I'm a personal fan of English, but idk what those options for you are for. lol.

  12. Revising more... never happens ! Hope you'll find the perfect thing for your nhair... That's a life long quest, really. I have afro hair and I'm just starting to find out what the deal is with them !

    Anyway love your silhouette, very glam rock, simple yet remarquable... Just how I like girls to be dressed ! Lovely !

  13. i've been wanting to get heart patterned tights FOREVER. You pull them off well :)

  14. you look awesome in your outfit.. =)

    xoxo cla

  15. yes drink more water haah love it! it was on my list as well!!! blog more yes had that one exercise yes on mine get another job on my list hahah ur a mini me :)
    i love u tights! hot woman!
    xx http://larochellerochelle.blogspot.com/

  16. Hi! Ive given you an award on my blog :) http://heavybasslineismykindofsilence.blogspot.com/

    check my blog to see


  17. You have the best hair ever... So gorgeous, thick, shiny and beautiful;)

  18. These are such awesome pictures! I love the first two espesh.. What a beautiful outfit!
    Oh, and thank you for you comment, it made me smile :-)
    Panda xx

  19. Very great outfit ! I love your hair & i have the same tights !

  20. love your tee and tights!



  21. I really like this outfit! and the t-shirt is so cool, think I have to visit H&M kids! :)
    and I love the wall behind you!

    ( to drink more water is on my list as well ! haha)

  22. actually really digging this outfit! the tights are shorts look great with your tee!

    xx raez

  23. i love ur denim shorts and tights, soo cute :)


  24. I'm biased because I did English A-level and at university, so I suggest that!

    Love the denim shorts with the tights, glad I found your site :)


  25. Your blog is amazing, let me just say bravo!
    your inspiration photo's are so creative and the pictures of you are fantastic! you have such great style, i really love it and i totally think you should be a stylist ;)

  26. Waouh j'aime trop tes tenues! On a fait un new post! Bisous!

  27. I like this one. Seriously, the outfit combo rocked! :)

    my resolution? be kind to others.


Fankss man :)