And have a spin of my propeller...

Art. My latest excuse for not being with you. Really, I should have taken geography.
Me standing proud with my new Nokia 6700. It may not be a Blackberry or an iPhone BUT I LOVE IT.
There's a random ghost girl in this picture.
vintage red blazer from rokit, matalan heels, oasis black dress from friend, mexx bag, tights gift, vintage necklace

What I wore to the Classics Dinner. This was my first outfit post for my blog last year :) Poor picture there.

John Taylor came, who, unless you are currently taking Latin or Ancient Greek GCSE, you will not know. He wrote our text books -

Teacher: So, who should be our guest speaker for the dinner?
Me: John Taylor HAHAHAHAHA!
Teacher: Ok, I'll email him.

I did get him to sign our textbook, and his speech was interesting.
My first idea was JK Rowling (she's an excellent classicist, I can translate all the spells), but apparently she's quite busy.

Pictures courtesy of friend :)

P.S. Something I'll never forget is my Latin teacher telling me to have no kids so I can buy plenty of Christian Louboutins like her..

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Hold your devil by his spoke and spin him to the ground

Fall collections? I'm sure you're pretty bored of seeing them by now, besides.. I can't plan tomorrow, let alone 6months ahead. Although I definitely see the need for an aviator jacket, inspired by Burberry Prorsum.
^in Tescos*, stocking up on cream soda and kettle chips before settling down to a lazy afternoon of CallOfDuty6 on the PS3 with friends. (Sorry, teenager.)

vintage check shirt && bag, h&m leather bomber jacket, new look boots, primark tights, topshop black dress, scarf ???

Just a few points.
  • The jacket turned grey in the wash, I still say a tenner well spent.
  • I'm addicted to listening to "Videophone" (Beyonce and Lady Gaga). Hopefully I'll get over it soon.
  • Also, I might watch "Jersey Shore" - anyone know if it's any good?
  • Looking forward to Alice in Wonderland, despite disappointing reviews.
  • My art exam is next week, the theme is "Journey", yet my project is leading nowhere.
  • Post title taken from Laura Marling's "Devil's Spoke". Quality song.
*Sorry, just remembered something that made me laugh:
"Try something new today!" - Sainsburys
"Yeah, I'll try Tesco's."

Until next time x

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Pastel Perfect

I cannot wait for summer.

white tank, denim jacket - h&m
necklaces, hat, shorts, studded t-bar shoe, tights, heart print top - topshop
dresses - boohoo.com
bag - primark