Drunk Lesbians...

On Thursday the 19th March I attended my schools "Classics Dinner with Guest Speaker Margaret Mountford". For those who don't know her, shes' the grey haired lady who sits next to Alan Sugar on the tv programme "The Apprentice". Lovely. And her speech must have been funny because people were laughing. They decided to seat our year at the back.

Yes, that is us after. From left, Phoebe, Me, Josh, Ellen, Lucy.

The highlight of this prestigious evening was the drunken sixth former next to us who proceeded to tell us of her homosexuality all evening and then hit on Phoebe. Oh and chucking grapes at her was fun. And then watching her hit herself with a spoon. :)

wearing dorothyperkins green tunic, french supermarket velvet blazer. AND phoebes bag topshop, lucys dress newlook.

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