If I could go to prom...

Unfortunately, because I live in England, our school doesn't see the need for proms. However I see the need for this American tradition: a fashion show with fun, friends and dancing?
Anyway, I found a dress I would love to wear to my imaginary prom ^ But I'm thinking tied behind my back and all the way around, not just hanging. When I found this image, I also found another by the same photographer, who's actually shooting hair. This was my favourite:

Images courtesy of Richard Turgoose


  1. Oh, no prom? I always envied British schoolgirls, thanks to Enid Blyton, but that is rather sad. You should just throw your own Prom Party and do it anyway! Because there are too few reasons in the world to get so over-the-top dressed up like prom.

  2. fortunately i live in the U.S and we have prom! great blog.

  3. you live in England? I prefer not having a prom and live in England, than living here and having a prom.

    I consider you lucky ;] and you probably don't, because you're the one living there. you get my point?


Fankss man :)