Christmas Eve Eve

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Finished the winter term with an excellent party, accompanied by this beautiful burgundy (or maroon) velvet dress. A dress for Christmas parties, then I'm cracking out the leather trousers for NYE. I'm veeery excited.... Anyway, this is a night saver - it hit me that I didn't like the purple skater dress I'd just bought a week before, a classic Georgia moment of delayed indecision. Thankfully, I always keep my recipts for occasions as such. And I saved two pounds :) Oh and Luce, thanks for the pic above. 
 velvet new look dress £5, mums barbour, vintage duffle bag, matalan heels £14, leopard primark print tights £2, (new) vintage earrings 50p
Who's in agreement that the Barbour is the ultimate winter party coat? Yeah it looks trampy, but... FIVE POCKETS. That may not sound like a lot, but one goes all the way around. Waterproof and you can put in a fleecey lining. Oh, I'm not getting paid by Barbour to write this. They're just incredibly convenient.
Have a very Merry Christmas :)


I don't need a cloak to become invisible.

car boot sheepskin aviator coat £4.50, carboot jumper £1.50, car boot necklace 50p, topshop shorts £30, primark two tone tights £2, new look boots £20
I did say at the begininng of this season that I wouldn't buy into the aviator trend, but... A real sheepskin coat for under a fiver? How could I say no? One of the hardest parts of car booting is disguising your shock at prices. I felt like I was robbing the guy...
First pictures from the Nikon D5000. The blanket of snow (as opposed to the standard thin grey slush) arrived in time for the camera :) Hope you've had a festive week, I'm still waiting for the fresh smell of pine needles... Got your tree yet?
- Post title quote by Dumbledore
You know it's cold when 4degreesC is warm.


Made of Ivy and Gold

 carboot sale navy blazer coat £3, topshop shorts £22, new look boots £20, vintage raph lauren belt, carboot sale necklace 50p, country fair white shirt 50p
Just a simple autumnal outfit. Thought I'd scrape in this lovely fall theme before Winter rolls up and pinches us with its frosty fingers. (Alliteration, personification and imagery there. My text is so rich in literary delight).
Taken from an Aubin & Wills catalogue. I get it for these pretty pictures on expensive paper... I've had to reorder it twice because I've never bought anything ha.
In other news bought my Nikon D5000 yesterday! Ahhhh I love it. Quality of pictures here will rise sky high. More from me later. Ta'rar.

NB: OMG Harry Potter. Have seen it twice. Amazing.


Shortlisted: Young Photographer of the Year

Woooo excellent news :) I've been shortlisted for the Young Photographer of the Year! See my entry below and here.
That's my eldest brother there - 12 years of age. Wearing my hat, clothes and necklaces. He doesn't really look like me (he has gorgeous green eyes) except for the hair, which is a shorter version of mine... Anyway, I did my other brother too.
And that's my youngest brother, nine, but he's already a model. It makes me sick to think of all the money he'll have when he's older. Ha those are the shorts I wore here.
Ohhh and some excitin' new posts a-coming :) Halloween party last night... Perhaps a little too much chunder for liking, but still had an excellent time - will find a photo later. Happy trick-or-treating


Stop with me tonight

£1 car boot camel jersey shirt, £2 lace primark top, £15 topshop shorts, £10 stall bag, £20 new look boots,  £1.50 carboot hat
I really do try to give structure to this blog, but for some reason I have difficulty managing my priorities. I actually do have some posts up my sleeves, please believe me. In other news, Vampire Diaries. Mmm. Whatever X Factor. And went to a fun Masquerade party, again. Perhaps I should invest in a more interesting mask... Anyway, car boot sale tomorrow, wish me all the best.


Reading Mudfest - Part one

Eventually - Reading photos! I don't think you would believe the amount of mud - we're talking thigh high. So, weather aside, WAS AMAZING. Weezer was definitley the best, they played a cover of Teenage Dirtbag, one of my favourite songs ever. So these are day time photos, and on the fashion side of things, I did it! I didn't wear my Levi's allllll weekend! Perhaps this is the end of an era. Anyway, enjoy. (Index of photos below) 

Thursday: Arrived late afternoon, to a previously pitched tent. Raining. No wellies.

Friday: Mud kicks in, along with music! Yay. First band I see, Two Door Cinema Club, I get crushed into a metal pole* and bruise my rib :(  But in the evening, we go to  Gun n Roses, which is an epic fail. (Except for Welcome to the Jungle obv). So I see Marina and the Diamonds instead, who is FAB. I love her.
Waiting... Waiting.
YES. I HAVE WELLIES. Thank you Primark in Reading for saving me from trench foot. Thank you.
1 Ellie and me (best photo I reckon); 2 Random day photos; 3 Us in our local swamp (I'm in the green cardi + sunnies); 4 Me a-chillin in our swamp; 5 Lucy and me; 6 Tent dayz; 7 Gang; 8 Gang; 9 Lucy on floor
-Photos are mine, LUCY'S, IZZY'S-
Part two brings Saturdays and Sundays ventures, plus pictures... of the NIGHT.

Interesting fact about the pole incident, my friend had to bite the arm of the girl who was crushing me into the pole. To be fair, I couldn't breathe, and my rib was being bruised.


Flying the floral flag

£1 army shirt from reading festival, £20 new look boots, random jewellery, lucys tights, £14.99 skirt from FUNKROCK

Got this skirt from Funkrock - £14.99 for the perfect elasticated floral skirt. I practically lived in it this summer. And they have like a trillion colours. I really couldn't decide which colour, until I pictured it with the perfect khaki shirt. And that shirt is another story. 
WHY DON'T I HAVE THIS BAG?? Then these photos would have been damnnn perrrfect. 
You're probably gazing at these photos thinking WHO THE HELL IS SHE? Yeah, I'm back. I've been starting 6th form and buying plenty of suits for it - which is kind of ridiculous, although I do feel quite sophisticated etc. Anyway, these photos were taken by Lucy (wherethewildthingsmightbe),who not only owns this cellar but is a right babe. :) Expect photos from her 17th party soon, as well as the Reading post which is slowly coming together. 
See y'all
(sooner than you think)

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Row row row your boat

 £6 beyond retro vintage t-shirt, £15 topshop shorts, £6 uniqlo cardigan, vintage belt, £4 h&m sunglasses
A little punting on the Oxfordian river of Cherwell. Take note of the stag party dressed in boater hats, braces, and waistcoats. Good old English tradition. Naturally, the filth that came out of their mouth contradicted their whimsical attire.

-got my gcse results! i'm so happy!-
-hope you all got the grades you wanted-

Just got back from Reading Festival - naturally I'm half dead. Photos soon!


Rustic reds and Mustard yellows

My weekend so far has involved:

1. A trip to the A£E | 2. Scalpels without anaesthetic | 3. 52 pills
So please take it in your kind hearts to excuse the lack of an outfit post. But please, enjoy these pretty pictures instead.

-edit: why is blogger being such an idiot? terribly sorry for this awful mess-


Under the influence

charity shop shorts (£2), river island DIY-ed collared top (£3), vintage bag (from mother) &  belt, flea market earrings (£1), car boot sale cowboy boots (£1), primark sunglasses (£1)
Underage festival on Sunday - Courteeners, Darwin Deez, MIA, Lightspeed Champion, Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder, Chiddy Bang, Ellie Goulding, Stornaway... And so much more. Special thanks to Meg, who got the tickets :) 
It was my second time to the festival, and ended up being a very dusty experience.
And yes, I'm wearing a bumbag/ fannypack. It was my mums from the 80's, true vintage. This isn't my first time at a festival, and I've always hated carrying a bag when jumping around in crowds and being sucked into moshpits. This is the answer. When I'm not bouncing about, I wear as a shoulder bag. Hey, if Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs can do them, so can I.

1. Looking back, I'll chop slash fray these shorts shorter. I think I'm accidentally channelling "lesbian clown". 
2. Isn't it a weird moment when you realise you're wearing nothing over £3? Oh sorry, you wouldn't know, you're not a tramp :)
3. See y'all


Serpentine Serpentine

vintage cardigan, random silk pyjama shirt, vintage levi cut offs, ralph lauren belt, accessorize necklace, h&m wedges
This is from when I made a visit to Hyde Park to play on the new Boris-approved table tennis... A bit standard really. It was right by the Serpentine Gallery, in which there was an exhibition by Wolfgang Tilman, slightly disappointing: no photos were particulary special, and I didn't enjoy the pieces of coloured paper is plastic boxes (despite the contours probably representing different stages of his emotional journey bla bla bla). However, the cafe there, designed by Jean Nouvel was lovely, done up in red plastic with hammocks and even vegetables growing on the side.. Later there was a "sleepover", (in connection with the V&A) with workshops about dreams, insomnia and sleep - complete with cocktails, Victorian trifles with either powerful stimulants or calming remedies and artistic films. This all sounded very exciting, but you needed to pre-book tickets :(
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And this is just a preview of my £7.99 leopard print wedges, you love them or you hate them...
Yeah, nice dodgy phone pics as well. Camera was out of battery.


Down by the rollercoaster

primark lace crop top (£2!), ebay acid wash denim skirt, mango sunglasses, claires peach flower and necklace, vintage satchel
So when I approached my usual blank white wall, there was a rocking horse instead, who goes by the name of Gyspy. Oh the joys of having three brothers! Decided to have some fun with the photos, makes a change from the usual moody stare. And.. That's right.. I'M BACK. And browned. Malaga was a well earned break from London, it was nice to walk around nearly naked and not get weird looks (kidding). I actually bought the sunglasses there, only 4euro. Anyone going anywhere exciting soon?

And.. Nikon D5000. Thoughts?
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Yes, my nose is... more tanned than the rest of me.