Jump into the fog

£3 primark necklace, £2 topshop carboot sale jeans, £4 ebay coat, £10 vintage silk shirt, belt from lydia lee, £8 h&m wedges

+About mint nail varnish: so last year Chanel obviously, but I can't help but be drawn to pale pastel colours (Collection 2000, Mint Mojo). Removed it already, am sporting space galaxy nails - next post.

++ Isabel took these photos with the newly fixed Nikon! WOO. For £0.00, they replaced my tube... Whatever that means! We were joking about on the balcony, and I was doing pretend "model" poses, hair in front of face etc, and they're not too bad...??

+++ Recently came to my attention that I'm an indie tumblr girl! Someone took a photo off my blog from Reading and posted it... Its got over 200 notes && reblogs, so obviously am honoured but I'm quite offended they didn't tell me or credit anyone involved, Isabel took the photo. Pretty sure bigger blogs have this more often but... grr.

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WHO LIKES MY YELLOW BELT? I do. Won (actually won something) from Lydia in a giveaway! Was waiting for the perfect moment to showcase it - many thanks! 


I left my soul in the aztec sand

Black Oversized Tribal Patterned Coatigan
Jack Daniels Tee, American Retro Tee 

Black Crochet Jumper, Owl Sweatshirt Jumper 

Midi Pleated Floral Skirt

+Manz it's so hard to let go of these items... Especially this pleated skirt, I had great plans for you. Alas, my need for money has overtaken my need for clothing, and thus you lucky people are able to buy these items in my eBay Shop... Still alive and kicking is the Asos Playsuit, and did I mention the Red Topshop Lace Vest and the Two-tone Satchel Bag?

++ First car boot sale of the season today! Apparently car booters are expected to be loaded, everything was horribly overpriced! Primark items for £10? No thanks. The only two items I managed to scour was 2 rings for 50p each... Ah well, there's always next week - I'm checking out a new one.

+++ It's now half term, if only I could jet off skiing or to a sunny beach across the ocean. I got some mock results back, some good and some very very very bad. WAKE UP CALL! Well at least I found a gorgeous white maxi pleated skirt in my mothers wardrobe :) Can't wait to swan around in it!

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Georgia x


Rolling in the deep

+ So, ombre... thoughts and opinions? I used Garnier Nutrisse 8.13 radiant blonde, clueless as to what dye to choose - so 2 for £8 on Garnier and got the greyest blonde there was to avoid ginger. HA. Well I prefer the term "gold" as one commenter said. I'm very happy with the results, but will probably do it again for a lighter result, apparently two hours wasn't enough. If you want to know how I did it, it's as simple as putting the dye in the bottom of your hair and more in the very ends.

++ If you were single this Valentines day, this story should cheer you up: my boyfriend cooked me a meal, hit the main course, turns out he thought that two cloves of garlic was two bulbs - and to top it off he didn't peel them. Bless :) Still had a very romantic day, thank you x

+++ Saw Black Swan today - was quite unimpressed with the film, but impressed with Natalie Portman. I think it's just by poor attention film that makes the cinema boring for me...
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NB: Oh, it really didn't taste that bad - the garlic, being in such large chunks hadn't managed to break through. && Adele - Rolling in the Deep is a brilliant song.


I see your heart, and it is mine

+From book 4 to book 7, I've queued on every release night for my blesséd bible.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : 11 hours. I ♥ Harry Potter.

++The photos are some details from in my room. I recently "refurbished" (scrapped all my 13-year old self's cool posters), my room looks waaaay bigger. Next is a clothes rail, I still have a floordrobe, despite success in the eBay shop (still some items up for grabs!)

+++Am ombre-ing my hair this Saturday! Fingers crossed it actually works - Anyone got any tips??

Quote from Voldemorts horcrux, book 7

^You want this jumper. CLICK


Illusions come illusions go

uniqlo beige chinos £9.99, beyond retro £9, h! by henry holland boots £48, vintage ebay rucksack £14

Guess what, changed the header again. But this time it's a keeper, I didn't feel comfortable with the previous one because I didn't make it myself. And it was still emo.
+ Finally an outfit post! I've been experimenting with a 50mm prime lens which Lucy kindly lent me as I'm about to send off my usual lens to Nikon, in hope that they will restore it to its former glory. Although I love this 50mm, I think a 35mm would be best, I've had to do some serious backing away from people to take a shot (involving minor accidents), and I miss autofocus waaaaay too much. Still, I've learnt from this.

Soon comes the season of car booting! :) And, check out the eBay shop again - more items added tomorrow!
Was kind of breezy today. Hair was all over the place
++ I'm featured in Top19TeenBloggers which is megah-ubah-supah coohl. (Ummm. Sorry)