So now we dance

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Looking evil, but in reality, I'd just forgotten my sunglasses. Got my results today and am very very very very happy, managed to scrape some pretty good grades. Looking forward to retaking seven modules wooooo bring on A level year! Hope you got the grades you wanted x

Off to Spain for two weeks. Hmm. Probably see you then. Why hello 14hour drive!
And get yo asses down to Topman for some seriously cheap and seriously nice sale necklaces


London's burning

Ventured down to visit Clapham Junction and help clear up this morning, and to be honest, we weren't prepared for this devastating sight. Broken glass, burnt out buildings, alarms still blaring. It was so.... weird. People were gathered at police lines, armed with brooms, bin bags and gloves. Starbucks and other shops were offering free coffee and water, and there was a strong sense of community ablaze. We wandered up Lavender Hill, staring at the carnage of the fire before police kicked us out. We left in a slight daze. One word for this: disgusting.
Keep your fingers crossed and keep safe x