Fuschia night sky

beyond retro crop jumper £12, topshop necklace a gift, models own lipstick in deep fuschia, DIY galaxy skirt charity shop £2

Step 1: Get a cheap galaxy coloured tube top/skirt. I chose purple.
Step 2: Get some bleach. I used toilet bleach*.
Step 3: Soak skirt in water, and shake bleach randomly.
Step 4: Leave to dry.
Step 5: I dipped it in some left over pink dye to add more nice starry layers
Step 6: Wash 300billion** times to get rid of chlorine smell.

That was my gift to you in apology for not posting for like a month or something.
Models own lipstick's really smell like greasepaint. The price for pigment...

*And I'd reccommend doing a bleach test first, some materials go yucky
** How many stars there are in the Milky Way!