Carboots & BB Creams

Naked palette + Ciate nail varnish + Topshop top (not pictured) = £15
Topshop necklace + Topshop ring = ~£5
L'oreal resurfacing primer £2
Nivea men's face wash £1
Striped scarf 50p
The Help by Kathyrn Stockett 20p

I couldn't believe my luck when the first stall I visited at Battersea car boot sale had a brand new Urban Decay Naked Palette sitting casually on the table. Some very stylish ladies were holding the table too, my sister picked up a Love dress, H&M shorts and a silky shirt from them too. The problem was that I then ran out of money, so cue running to Tesco's to get some more cash to spend :)
Needless to say I'm visiting again next week in hope of some more incredible bargains!

And a little thank you to Sascha at beautygeekuk.com, I won her giveaway for a Garnier Oil Free BB Cream, and she was kind enough to throw in a few extras :) Initially I disliked it, as it was so liquidy, but now I am in LOVE with it, others I've tried pale in comparison (no7, original Garnier, Maybelline, L'oreal). It's my go to skin base at the moment: not orange (for me!), high coverage, SPF, matte like finish. Currently on offer at Boots for £7.49, I might stock up!
I wore it yesterday with some powder and I was even told by a stranger I could be on a HD channel :D


Dam Square (please remember to check out!)

ebay shorts £1, primark plimsolls £1, charity shop top £1, miss selfridge collar necklace £3, claires sunglasses £3, random belt
[bf: primark shorts £11, asda sunglasses & river island sleeveless tee £9]

Don't think I'll ever forget the voice of the tram repeating "Dam Square" every time we passed it (hence the weird post title hehe). The trams definitely played a part in my falling in love of the city, they seemed so much calmer than hectic London buses & tubes. Incidentally we witnessed a tram crash, which ended up becoming a mothers meeting for the policemen ;)

Stocked nearly nineteen items on eBay, it's clearout time! Go take a peek


Baseball Daze

asos brown leather sandals £20 £9, levi 501 cut offs via rokit £10, topman tee via charity shop £3, topman triangle necklace £2, h&m satchel via charity shop £2.50

Just an outfit I don't even have to think about wearing, just add tights for warmth.
Had an amazing girly holiday in Valencia, mixing up chilling on the terrace, exploring the city and "partying" by the beach. And my second post will be the incredible car boot sale finds at Battersea Boot sale. It was my first time at Battersea, and it was just incredible. Anyway, happy Monday everyone :)



topshop playsuit £7 via charity shop, genuine vintage army shirt £1 via reading festival, primark plimsolls £2, isobel kho canvas bag £3.50

These photos required a lot of awkward tourist queing to get one of each letter, but worth it so I could make this GIF :) The boy in the turquoise shorts - that's my boyfriend of three years, not a random stalker.
In recent events, A Level results day went surprisingly well, and I got my first choice uni :) Hope it went great for everyone else too x


Sale picks: Topshop, River Island, ASOS & Miss Selfridge

horse print shorts £30 £15, selfstripe neon skater skirt £20 £10, pink dip dye runner shorts £12 £7, game metallic rose gold pointed courts £48 £20,  porcelain floral dip hem dress £38 £15
Total: £148   £67
River Island
blue hawaiian print bralet £28 £12, palm tree print runner shorts £20 £5, multi-colour feather garland £12 £4, white wedge studded sandals £35 £15
Total: £95   £36
airtex jersey parker £75 £32, black chelsea flatform boots £40 £24, slouch crop top £18 £9, cage back neon trim vest £25 £7.50, buckle mid heel ankle boots £40 £28, strapless skater dress £20 £12
Total: £218   £103.50
Miss Selfridge
black one shoulder maxi dress £42 £20, cream drape cowl vest dress £37 £12, nude tie ballet shoes £18 £10, black zebra pumps £32 £7, leather red low clog £36 £10
Total: £165    £59

Topshop: Save 55%
River Island: Save 62%
ASOS: Save 53%
Miss Selfridge: Save 64%

Total savings: 81 + 59 + 114.50 + 106 = £360.50

This is a very random post but seeing as I'm spending a lot of time and not money internet shopping I thought I'd share my sale finds :) Miss Selfridge is so far my favourite, plus you'll get a student discount in store!

More Amsterdam posts to come :D


Amsterdam: View from a bridge

topshop tunic £22, asos brown leather "flutter" sandals £9, old denim jacket & belt, charity shop brown leather satchel £4, miss selfridge silver collar £3.25

Some outfit photos from the first day of Amsterdam - I think I'm in love. The general vibe is very casual, chilled and the people trendy. I was surprised by the canal network - I'd thought that there was one "famous" bridge but turns out there are hundreds, ha. On Day 1 we started off learning the way of the trams, finding our hotel (slightly outside the city) followed by a light evening wander, where we found the beautiful Vondelpark. Turns out the Dutch eat early, but we luckily managed to find a pizza/pasta place. Expect more...

Shop the eBay shop. I'm feeling VERY out of pocket.

Oh and I think these sandals are a very good alternative to the Topshop "Jesus" sandals - and half the price.


Studded, Distressed, Frayed, Bleached, Azteced

Shortshortshorts! Click the images for ebay links!
Studded Pocket Black Levi's Size 6-8
Bleached & Studded Levi's Size 16-18
Distressed & Studded Blue Levi's Size 8
Aztec Hand-Painted Shorts Size 8-10 Coming soon

Well many rainy days here in England for me equal some beautiful shorts for you :) I just need to do a quick wash on the painted ones then they'll be up to. Oh and my washing machine has broken. Laundrette it is... sigh. Happy rainy days! There's a lot more items in my ebay shop too!

Can you tell I'm not a size 8 from the first photo ;)


Prom Night

1: beautiful photo I took of beautiful Lucy's back
2: chammmmpaaagne!
3: me and Phoebe's oh-so-peachy behind
4: the wait between courses produced this. thanks Jake
5: me and my boyfriend. It's our three year anniversary TODAY! :D
6: "bucks fizz" which was most definitely just tropicana in a fancy glass

Just a few photos from our "Leavers Ball" i.e. prom. I wore green with a rose gold necklace and clutch + nudey fur jacket, all courtesy of my mother, haha. I was generally happy about my dress [Monsoon] until it decided to photo almost a minty colour with flash when it was actually grass green. Lies.... But that aside,  everyone looked gorgeous, it was a hell of a lot of fun,, and I have the blisters from 11 hours in my Kurt Geiger's to prove it!
What colour did you wear to your prom? I loved the rainbow of all the girls at mine :)

Yes I'm back from holidays/stress etc!


Rose tinted spectacles 01

primark sandal lust; new £9 asos 'jesus' sandals; belly bars from miss selfridge
me with taylor swift hair (LOL); coppers (prize for whoever guesses how much); asos sale purchase
joliebox goodies from essie button; cheeky dominoes; pretty gift
strawberry & blueberry smoothie; fathers day card; topshop meadham kirchoff event sweets

Had a pretty eventful week since finishing my exams on Thursday, it was followed by our Leavers Ball, a birthday barbeque and the obligatory 'i-have-no-holiday-clothes' panic. Just finished packing for Cyprus tomorrow, where 53 members of my year group are accompanying me for a week. Yes, 53.

Having a luggage panic, looks like I'm wearing 2 pairs of shoes to the airport tomorrow. And trying to work out what to do with my millions of liquids. Happy holidays everyone! Have a safe trip, see y'all in a week! x

ahh too many liquids; the BIG asos box; I'm on a mug!

Plus thank you so much for the fake tan tips - everything worked out splendidly with exfoliation, mits and moisturiser!

nb: this is actually my second fake instagram post. I started on 00. huh.


Going, gone

Just some clothes currently in my eBay shop! Just click the images to see the listing :)
long cream crochet cardigan

nautical spot & stripe crop top
50s look polka dot skirt
silk hippy tunic dress
orange dipped hem jumper
I had to top-knot my hair in the photos because it got soooo windy! So tell me, does it look alright? I've never dared venture outside with it, my face is too round and my cheeks too chubby.
Also selling a Jaeger silk blouse, a galaxy glittery top thing and a tartan cape. All beautiful,I can assure you.

In other news, I bought my first ever fake tan today! For prom i.e "leavers-ball" on Friday. Seeing as my friends are getting spray tans, there is no sun and I don't have any money, St Moriz it is! Has anyone got any tips for a first timer like me? Plz help me not be orange/streaky/smelly I am so scared!