Going, gone

Just some clothes currently in my eBay shop! Just click the images to see the listing :)
long cream crochet cardigan

nautical spot & stripe crop top
50s look polka dot skirt
silk hippy tunic dress
orange dipped hem jumper
I had to top-knot my hair in the photos because it got soooo windy! So tell me, does it look alright? I've never dared venture outside with it, my face is too round and my cheeks too chubby.
Also selling a Jaeger silk blouse, a galaxy glittery top thing and a tartan cape. All beautiful,I can assure you.

In other news, I bought my first ever fake tan today! For prom i.e "leavers-ball" on Friday. Seeing as my friends are getting spray tans, there is no sun and I don't have any money, St Moriz it is! Has anyone got any tips for a first timer like me? Plz help me not be orange/streaky/smelly I am so scared!


  1. I tried my first fake tan today (well actually gradual tan) and it seems to have worked quite well I think the top knot looks great! Good luck!

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  2. Fake tan tips: exfoliate well and moisturise like crazy and everything should be fine!

  3. I think your hair looks lovely up, and your face is lovely and not too round at all!
    As Bethan said, exfoliate and moisturise loads before you put the tan on especially your knees and elbows :) And use a glove or something so your hands don't go orange! xoxo

  4. wow , nice! you know tanning can be tricky, its all about practice! It took me about a year to really learn how to apply tanner and im still learning!

    your hair looks great!

    anyways, i hope you stop by my blog!

    Figure Of Chic.

  5. loving all your outfits!




  6. I have my eye on that cardigan, it's gorgeous!!
    You look lovely with your hair up, I can't see any sign of chubby cheeks!
    My tanning tip would be to mix it in with moisturiser when you apply it, instead of moisturising separately before hand. I also use those thin cleaning/kitchen rubber gloves to apply it as I find them easier than a mit! Always have a practise run! But St Moritz is what I use and I have found it to be the easiest to apply and I’ve never had a problem with streaking!xx

  7. the cardigan is lovely :D going to check it out later..

    I loved your blog,it´s amazing :) decided to follow you! ♥

  8. That orange jumper is perfection, missy x Marg

  9. i was just wondering why you're selling all of these clothes they're so beautiful on you! :(


  10. Ooo these are some good pieces! And my only tip is to exfoliate before you apply the tanner!

  11. Ahh...yes, a messy top-knot is always chic in my book :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. I like that first cardigan :) I'll have a look at your ebay shop!

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  14. Love all your outfits!!
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  15. You're soo gorgeous! defo following. x


  16. awesome casual looks!

  17. yOU'RE ADORABLE! gorgeous pics xx

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