Made of Ivy and Gold

 carboot sale navy blazer coat £3, topshop shorts £22, new look boots £20, vintage raph lauren belt, carboot sale necklace 50p, country fair white shirt 50p
Just a simple autumnal outfit. Thought I'd scrape in this lovely fall theme before Winter rolls up and pinches us with its frosty fingers. (Alliteration, personification and imagery there. My text is so rich in literary delight).
Taken from an Aubin & Wills catalogue. I get it for these pretty pictures on expensive paper... I've had to reorder it twice because I've never bought anything ha.
In other news bought my Nikon D5000 yesterday! Ahhhh I love it. Quality of pictures here will rise sky high. More from me later. Ta'rar.

NB: OMG Harry Potter. Have seen it twice. Amazing.