Black poison green ivy

charity shop leather satchel £4, car boot necklace 50p, vintage levi denim shirt, free car boot top, charity shop brogues £7, vintage belt, charity shop shorts £2, h&m sunglasses £3, barry m nail varnish in cyan
  • AHH I AM OFF TO KOS TOMORROW! (2K11 style wiv ma gals)
  • These shorts are originally from Ghost ooh designer from "Jazzabelles" charity shop (one of the best ever for sure)
  • I'm going on holiday on Thursday (the day after next)
  • My £1.80 snake ring from asos came to match my snake necklace (see below)
  • I'm very excited about going away (you may have noticed)
So I'll see y'all soon, enjoy this week! x


Sitting pretty on the flowers

topshop playsuit RRP £45 charity shop £7, cath kidston bag giveaway win from style crusader, asos snake necklace £3, asos owl soverign ring £2, free nail polish misguided
So this was my Harry Potter at Leceister Square outfit. Naturally I kept in theme with the owl ring and snake necklace - asos sale jewellery is the best, I've also got a snake ring on the way. KOS IS SO SOON! Am so excited, but freaking out about my lack of bikini's... Seriously, I may just use a wetsuit or be naked, not decided yet.
I ♥ this playsuit. WHAT a find. A bit of a disjointed post, non?


You are an unusual wizard, Harry Potter.

Vintage crushed velvet tee

Vintage dip dye Levi 501's

Vintage beaded tshirt tunic
Vintage dip dye shorts
Vintage pink high waist shorts
Vintage Monsoon pleated tribal maxi skirt
Topshop pleated skirt

Just a few things I'm selling in the Ebay shop - just click the names to go through to the links.
On a different note, HOW AMAZING WAS HARRY POTTER?! 3D made a nice change and I'm gonna see it again on Wednesday (2for1 on Orange) in 2D. I think this is my tied favourite with the third film, as they've finally managed to balance a dark script with light comic interludes: unexpected lines from McGonnagall, awkward Voldemort hugs, the kiss. Go see it if you haven't already (fool). What I wore next... *

*Forgot waterproof mascara, an essential.
** Also selling a Topshop playsuit

*** Quote by Griphook, Harry Potter Book 7


Don't be afraid of the grizzly bear

reading festival army shirt £1, topshop jersey top £6, vintage ralph lauren belt, car boot necklace 50p, vintage levi's £10 rokit, charity shop brogues £7, grizzly bear canvas tote £3.50 by isobel kho, free from cosmo misguided nail polish, asos rings £6
So I've pretty much been hauling my life around in this bag atm. It was a bargain from Isobel Kho's, check out her shop and etsy, she's got some lovely pug and deer print canvas totes too. What have I done this week? Well, seeing as nearly all of my friends and boyfriend ditched me for more exotic, exciting countries, I've been doing some retail therapy. Ebay, ASOS, charity shop shopping, all of it. Found some pretty great bargains too. Anyway, I'm watching the Killing right now (good but accidently read an important detail from the fifteenth, final episode ugh), so I'll see you guys later. HARRY POTTER TONIGHT!

Selling Topshop, vintage and dip dye shorts!


I heard a flash

charity shop skirt £5, charity shop top £3, new look shoes £25, carboot sale necklace 50p, vintage duffel bag
Photos taken in Durham, looking very ladylike. As you can see, my hair was seriously suffering from a lack of conditioner - nice dreadlocks. SUMMER HOLIDAYS OFFICIALLY STARTED. All my friends are out of town which sucks, but luckily I have 17 books and Harry Potter to look forward to. :) And True Blood. I made a Crab and Asparagus tart today. I was very panicky. That's all.
You might have noticed me suffering from a bad case of sentence disjointedness. It's late