Brogues and Boats

ebay striped skater dress £4, charity shop tartan scarf £1, uniqlo cardigan £8, ebay leather rucksack £10, charity shop brogues £7, claires sunglasses £3, no7 stay perfect nail polish in lucky lilac, mac lipstick in angel

First bare legs of the season! Looking a little bruised...
Photos on Imperial Wharf: a lovely day spent on the Thames with my boy and my fam :)
Looking forward to a break from the mediocrity which is sixth form college, my birthday and  more sunny days like this.

Hope you're having a lovely week!

-vintage, zara & topshop at my ebay shop!-

Sending copies of birthday wishlist.... anyone?


Vernal Equinox

pointed flats £15 h&m, navy chunky cardi £8 primark kids, leggings £2 charity shop, rope & chain necklace £3 primark, sheer floral shirt £2 ebay, cat eye sunglasses £3 claires, vintage satchel £4 charity shop

Pretty simple outfit for UK Mother's Day. These are my witchy pointed shoes which make my feet very long in comparison to my body. I have body:feet ratio problems.
FIRST SUNGLASSES OF THE YEAR! Doing things oddly, I already had Pimm's in February and went out without a coat in March. England's a bit confused at the moment.

  • 18 in less than a month woooo
  • Visiting Bristol for a uni open day, really hoping I'll like it
  • Waiting for the UK release of Revlon Lip Butters! Been saving up my advantage card points for this very reason. Incidentally, there was a hair in my Smoked Salmon & Potato Salad from Boots today. Went straight back to the shop in utter disgust. This happened to me at McDonalds last week too, I seem to be attracting lost hairs GROSS.
  • Shop stocked up very soon!
Mother's day flowers:

I seem to frequently end with flower photos. I hope you like x Happy Vernal Equinox!


Pinking about the tulips

revlon matte lipstick in pink about it ebay £3, accessorize necklace £12 £3, ebay floral trousers £2, asos crop top £9

Mannnn this has been an embarassingly long abscence. Mock exams blablabla camera problems blablabla life blablabla. And I return and give you what? Phone photos.*
Anyway I can't find a spike necklace I can afford so I got this in the sales :)
I also can't find floral trousers I can afford therefore I scoured eBay and found these. SO COMFY. However, looking at these H&M lovelies now, see here and here only £12.99!
Got some results today. Pretty pleased with myself, therefore, maybe more floral trousers in my life! 

Probably the "trendiest" thing right now - anyone else going to indulge in some key blogger pieces?

*Courtesy of Isabel
Christ its been almost a month!