Hot Chocolate & Sprinkles

pleather leather leggings £15, asos owl ring, charity shop black faux fur coat £10 & satchel & scarf, vintage jumper via ebay £3, ebay necklace £1.15 from here

Photos from a walk in the snow slush last weekend with my boyfriend. Since then I've been very cold and therefore very ill and very bed-ridden. Which kind of explains my poor blogging, I'm still suffering from headaches today but luckily I found these! Can you believe this necklace was basically one pound? And it hasn't even broken yet!

*OMG FIRST MAC PURCHASE EVER* It's the lipstick Angel, how boring. Think it'll look pinker with a tan. Also am I the only one who doesn't like the ricepaper/vanilla scent of MAC lippies? No? Fine. Anyway all the MAC people looked like they were drag queens. Juss sayin'

Hope you've all had a lovely Valentines day and shared love with loved ones. I certainly haven't (despite having a boyfriend...le sigh) but this managed to cheer me up :) It's Jenna Marbles doing the cinnamon challenge dressed as drake. Enough said.

Just found H&M are restocking these two-tone leggings! May stock up for, you know, ~emergencies~


Painting the roses red

Just a few photos which have left me craving for a blank space to project inspiration onto, if I was allowed to punch nails into my walls everywhere my room would look like the one above. Complete with swing :) Very summery photos too, ironic as it snowed last night.
My posts are becoming very sparse, but Sunday is the only time I really have to blog, such a shame. February resolution? 
Picked up some disposables from Boots today, so I'll share a few of those! 
Hope you're having a chilled Sunday, I'm off to take a walk in the snow and do sensible things like making snow angels x

note: i really want to watch alice in wonderland. how is there not a musical of this?
AND I bought my first MAC item (srsly) it was a lipstick in Angel - original I know. Its my perfect "lips but better" lipstick