You're my own, personal, brand of heroin...

dorothy perkins dress, vintage necklaces, new look shoes

Figured I should show you my Christmas outfit before New Years Eve.. I'll give you a few clues.. it's sparkly and sequinned.. Anyway, I'm really pleased about this photos, I edited them to have this vintage effect for a change.
What did you guys get for Christmas? I've got some nice things to show you soon, thank you Santa!

You know that line in Twilight, when Edward describes Bella as a drug? Me and my friend laughed so hard in the cinema that she gave me this a Christmas present! :)


I'm the bird of prey

Hi. I am SO disappointed. It snowed, but within 10minutes it had turned to a murky grey slush.. I had time for one quick snowball fight, then the transformation occured. Ugh. London. And I'm facing a whole holiday of revision for my trial exams...
^Somethings majorly wrong with my face here..
How great is H&M kids? In fact two items which I'm wearing are from there. Underneath (you can't see) is a two tone bodycon dress, and this t-shirt was £3!
Gotta admit, I'm quite proud of this rapid hair styling! Plait chunk of hair on the lesser side of the side parting, flip over like a hair band, secure, straighten layers underneath. All in 5minutes!

vintage levi jacket, H&M kids t-shirt and bodycon dress, carboot sale desert boots, vintage bag and scarf

P.S. This will be the last time I post before the big day, so HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! (but I'll still be checking our your blogs!)


Échangez les jours froids pour le soleil?

I have a feeling that I failed to mention a mini-holiday I took in south of France, near St.Tropez. My friend (lucky bastard) has a house there, and me and five others spent 4days there: a much needed break from maths revision! Here are the best of the pictures, courtesy of a friend. I saved these because its lovely to look at sunny photos in the middle of the cold winter months. You can just feel the warmth..
Wow. Sometimes I forget how beautiful it was. It looks like something out of a travel magazine! Whats was your favourite holiday?