The disappearance of the floordrobe

I'm selling a few clothes, shoes and bags that I've gradually accumulated but just don't wear as often as I should... Take a look at the eBay listings by clicking the text! ALSO up for grabs is a Topshop playsuit, high waisted skirts and boots/shoes in Sizes 6 & 7. Go get yourself a bargain and click the It Would Be Mine Ebay Shop!

Plus I changed the header. The one before was a watercolour I did, but it was looking a little emo and depressed. I miss the colours though... Which one do you prefer?

Oh, and on a final note, I discovered that I have the ability to predict Topshop's new seasons, all due to a charity shop. You'll see what I mean later :)


I've broken my baby

ebay coat £4, h! by henry holland boots £48, primark jeans £8, ebay rucksack £14, charity shop scarf £2, primark mittens £2

This was a trip to Brick Lane, the results of which are coming soon. My friend Phoebe really enjoys sabotaging my photos.
Something I did over Christmas, when mucking about with my camera, inspired by color me katie. (Tutorial here). And, speaking of cameras, I think I've broken my baby! My poor Nikon was involved in a fall from a bed, and now the focus is just not right. I'm seriously dreading the Nikon repair costs, because I reckon they'll reject the warranty.

Which leads me to my next topic, I'M GOING TO KOS! With all my gals, finally booked flights, but we don't have any accomodation yet, hopefully this hotel, anyone ever been to Kos?

Of course, with the New Year and holiday booking seasons comes the dreaded job hunt. I'm about to go hand out my CV to absoloutley everywhere, mainly in retail, so fingers crossed. AND something I found out, if you're under 18, you get paid around £1 less per hour at the same job and same hours as an over 18! I think this is outrageous, and I'm sure all of the under 16's agree. Aghhhhhh.

Hey new followers :) Stay tuned for word of a blog shop (oooooh)


Like punching in a dream

 topshop knit leopard print dress £45 £24, leather vintage rucksack ebay £14, french supermarket black velvet blazer, topshop tights £8, primark chain necklace £3, primark ring £1

You'll agree I'm looking panicked. Probably because my hand has turned into a claw? Anyway, I hope that you celebrated the arrival of 2011 (better known as... 2k11) in a fanstastically whimsical way, whether you were simply chilling or partying. I did indeed crack out the leather trousers, but thinking about it, it would have made more sense to wear them before Christmas and not a squillion calories later. But I don't regret stuffing my face in any way at all. I had fun. A week later I was still feasting decadently, with cheesecake and yule log for breakfast. Hmmm. Can't see any logic whatsoever in that... And I part with a gift, the gift of music. If this doesn't work, have a link.

Won't you agree that this song is excellent, and that I hit jackpot in the Topshop sales with this dress? Apparently it even has angora in it (ooooooooh).
+ BLIMEY. First post ever with straightened hair! A few days old, it does get straighter!