Reading Mudfest - Part one

Eventually - Reading photos! I don't think you would believe the amount of mud - we're talking thigh high. So, weather aside, WAS AMAZING. Weezer was definitley the best, they played a cover of Teenage Dirtbag, one of my favourite songs ever. So these are day time photos, and on the fashion side of things, I did it! I didn't wear my Levi's allllll weekend! Perhaps this is the end of an era. Anyway, enjoy. (Index of photos below) 

Thursday: Arrived late afternoon, to a previously pitched tent. Raining. No wellies.

Friday: Mud kicks in, along with music! Yay. First band I see, Two Door Cinema Club, I get crushed into a metal pole* and bruise my rib :(  But in the evening, we go to  Gun n Roses, which is an epic fail. (Except for Welcome to the Jungle obv). So I see Marina and the Diamonds instead, who is FAB. I love her.
Waiting... Waiting.
YES. I HAVE WELLIES. Thank you Primark in Reading for saving me from trench foot. Thank you.
1 Ellie and me (best photo I reckon); 2 Random day photos; 3 Us in our local swamp (I'm in the green cardi + sunnies); 4 Me a-chillin in our swamp; 5 Lucy and me; 6 Tent dayz; 7 Gang; 8 Gang; 9 Lucy on floor
-Photos are mine, LUCY'S, IZZY'S-
Part two brings Saturdays and Sundays ventures, plus pictures... of the NIGHT.

Interesting fact about the pole incident, my friend had to bite the arm of the girl who was crushing me into the pole. To be fair, I couldn't breathe, and my rib was being bruised.


Flying the floral flag

£1 army shirt from reading festival, £20 new look boots, random jewellery, lucys tights, £14.99 skirt from FUNKROCK

Got this skirt from Funkrock - £14.99 for the perfect elasticated floral skirt. I practically lived in it this summer. And they have like a trillion colours. I really couldn't decide which colour, until I pictured it with the perfect khaki shirt. And that shirt is another story. 
WHY DON'T I HAVE THIS BAG?? Then these photos would have been damnnn perrrfect. 
You're probably gazing at these photos thinking WHO THE HELL IS SHE? Yeah, I'm back. I've been starting 6th form and buying plenty of suits for it - which is kind of ridiculous, although I do feel quite sophisticated etc. Anyway, these photos were taken by Lucy (wherethewildthingsmightbe),who not only owns this cellar but is a right babe. :) Expect photos from her 17th party soon, as well as the Reading post which is slowly coming together. 
See y'all
(sooner than you think)

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