Sweet dreams are made of these

asos crop tee £9, new look shoes £25, topmadeintoskirt ebay £2, vintage bag, asos ring, carboot sale necklace 50p
Had a weekend trip with ma gals Izzy and Meg to check out various northern unis. These were taken in Newcastle Univeristy's grounds, by Meg whom I gave a crash course in photography (new 35mm lens!) it was so lovely there. Went to Leeds and Durham too - Leeds shocked me with its cleanliness and heavy amount of hen/stag nights, but I don't think I could live in a "big" city in England thats not London, which is why I preferred Durham. Anyway, post title is obviously from Sweet Dreams by Eurthymics, but I'd reccommend the Marilyn Manson version. Luther always has the best ending-episode tracks.



The king and all his men

sunglasses new look £5, charity shop maxi dress £5, primark blace lace top £1; necklace £3; ring £1.50; other rings from asos, vintage duffle bag && levi denim shirt, h&m leopard print wedges £8, models own lipstick in deep fuschia
Hell to the yeah, exams are officially OVER! All there is next is maths coursework* and a 6000 word essay on "Untitled"... Anyway, this means I can finally start to update properly etc ect. I also paid off my holiday debts (KOS 2K11) and Reading festival tickets, which means I'm now saving for a new lens. Nearly there too! I'll be seeing you soon - and more shorts will be in the eBay shop shortly!
Got bored and opened a Formspring. Timing couldn't be worse but whatevs.
*Seriously. Numbers or words. Numbers OR words. Not both