Rose tinted spectacles 01

primark sandal lust; new £9 asos 'jesus' sandals; belly bars from miss selfridge
me with taylor swift hair (LOL); coppers (prize for whoever guesses how much); asos sale purchase
joliebox goodies from essie button; cheeky dominoes; pretty gift
strawberry & blueberry smoothie; fathers day card; topshop meadham kirchoff event sweets

Had a pretty eventful week since finishing my exams on Thursday, it was followed by our Leavers Ball, a birthday barbeque and the obligatory 'i-have-no-holiday-clothes' panic. Just finished packing for Cyprus tomorrow, where 53 members of my year group are accompanying me for a week. Yes, 53.

Having a luggage panic, looks like I'm wearing 2 pairs of shoes to the airport tomorrow. And trying to work out what to do with my millions of liquids. Happy holidays everyone! Have a safe trip, see y'all in a week! x

ahh too many liquids; the BIG asos box; I'm on a mug!

Plus thank you so much for the fake tan tips - everything worked out splendidly with exfoliation, mits and moisturiser!

nb: this is actually my second fake instagram post. I started on 00. huh.


Going, gone

Just some clothes currently in my eBay shop! Just click the images to see the listing :)
long cream crochet cardigan

nautical spot & stripe crop top
50s look polka dot skirt
silk hippy tunic dress
orange dipped hem jumper
I had to top-knot my hair in the photos because it got soooo windy! So tell me, does it look alright? I've never dared venture outside with it, my face is too round and my cheeks too chubby.
Also selling a Jaeger silk blouse, a galaxy glittery top thing and a tartan cape. All beautiful,I can assure you.

In other news, I bought my first ever fake tan today! For prom i.e "leavers-ball" on Friday. Seeing as my friends are getting spray tans, there is no sun and I don't have any money, St Moriz it is! Has anyone got any tips for a first timer like me? Plz help me not be orange/streaky/smelly I am so scared!


L'heure Verte

vintage levi denim shirt, vintage duffel bag, h&m blouse £14.99 £3.99, h&m "riding pants" leggings £14.99 £9.99, topman necklace £3, primark plimsolls £2, miss selfridge and asos sale rings

Simple simple outfit. I seem to subsciounsly going for monochrome and denim lately... Probably England's fault, Y U SO GREY
I had two A Level exams today, hence the lack of posts. One went my way, the other, unfortunately, didn't. Le sigh. Had to cheer myself up with boyfriend + Macdonalds chocolate milkshake + cheeky Miss Selfridge sale purchases :) Aaaaaand I've been a lucky giveaway winner over at Essie's blog/youtube wooooo
Until the next time!


For Her Majesty

Managed to get a bit collage happy on iPiccy and came up with these... The jubilee pageant was pretty awesome. Managed to be on a boat on the pier before the Queen, so alas, no Elizabeth for me, but I did catch sight of Boris Johnson, Karen from the Apprentice and some "Sirs" and "Ladys". Despite the weather (which was appropriately English) we soldiered through, saw some amazing boats and experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My only regret is not going to a street party - our road was too big. 
There's never been a better time to be British!
How did you celebrate the Jubilee? I'm curious as to whether anyone international paid attention :)