Rose tinted spectacles 01

primark sandal lust; new £9 asos 'jesus' sandals; belly bars from miss selfridge
me with taylor swift hair (LOL); coppers (prize for whoever guesses how much); asos sale purchase
joliebox goodies from essie button; cheeky dominoes; pretty gift
strawberry & blueberry smoothie; fathers day card; topshop meadham kirchoff event sweets

Had a pretty eventful week since finishing my exams on Thursday, it was followed by our Leavers Ball, a birthday barbeque and the obligatory 'i-have-no-holiday-clothes' panic. Just finished packing for Cyprus tomorrow, where 53 members of my year group are accompanying me for a week. Yes, 53.

Having a luggage panic, looks like I'm wearing 2 pairs of shoes to the airport tomorrow. And trying to work out what to do with my millions of liquids. Happy holidays everyone! Have a safe trip, see y'all in a week! x

ahh too many liquids; the BIG asos box; I'm on a mug!

Plus thank you so much for the fake tan tips - everything worked out splendidly with exfoliation, mits and moisturiser!

nb: this is actually my second fake instagram post. I started on 00. huh.


  1. Ohh pizza!!! Hope the ball went well, that is a pretty packed schedule! Now you should put your feet up and relax for a bit!

  2. love the aztec dress in the picture <3

  3. Nice pics :) Love the dress xx



Fankss man :)