Prom Night

1: beautiful photo I took of beautiful Lucy's back
2: chammmmpaaagne!
3: me and Phoebe's oh-so-peachy behind
4: the wait between courses produced this. thanks Jake
5: me and my boyfriend. It's our three year anniversary TODAY! :D
6: "bucks fizz" which was most definitely just tropicana in a fancy glass

Just a few photos from our "Leavers Ball" i.e. prom. I wore green with a rose gold necklace and clutch + nudey fur jacket, all courtesy of my mother, haha. I was generally happy about my dress [Monsoon] until it decided to photo almost a minty colour with flash when it was actually grass green. Lies.... But that aside,  everyone looked gorgeous, it was a hell of a lot of fun,, and I have the blisters from 11 hours in my Kurt Geiger's to prove it!
What colour did you wear to your prom? I loved the rainbow of all the girls at mine :)

Yes I'm back from holidays/stress etc!


  1. how fun! that is just too cute! you and your boyfriend are adorable! xx


  2. You look so beautiful in that photo :)
    My prom was rubbish, I wish it had been better... it was such a waste of money! And, my dress was grey haha, sooo colourful ;) X

  3. literally the most exquisite prom photos! i hope you have the customary awkward one too - me and my date stood in a way that makes me look pregnant! gorgeous dresses - hope you had a lovely night! xx

  4. Beautiful photographs - thanks for sharing darling. You look beautiful - hope you had fun

    Eda ♥

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  5. wow girl! beautiful dresses and photos. Loved your blog. It's very cool and interesting. Come by and let's follow each other;)! xx

  6. Love the pics what a fab night and your outfit sounds amazing and well done on lasting that long in your shoes xoxo

  7. Love the pictures, hope you had fun :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  8. Oh prom! It looks like you had such a good time, and your dress is beautiful!

  9. The second last photo is so cute!

  10. Great collection of photographs :) be lovely to look back on in a few years and remember the day!

  11. Gorgeous photos and Happy belated anniversary! x


Fankss man :)