Carboots & BB Creams

Naked palette + Ciate nail varnish + Topshop top (not pictured) = £15
Topshop necklace + Topshop ring = ~£5
L'oreal resurfacing primer £2
Nivea men's face wash £1
Striped scarf 50p
The Help by Kathyrn Stockett 20p

I couldn't believe my luck when the first stall I visited at Battersea car boot sale had a brand new Urban Decay Naked Palette sitting casually on the table. Some very stylish ladies were holding the table too, my sister picked up a Love dress, H&M shorts and a silky shirt from them too. The problem was that I then ran out of money, so cue running to Tesco's to get some more cash to spend :)
Needless to say I'm visiting again next week in hope of some more incredible bargains!

And a little thank you to Sascha at beautygeekuk.com, I won her giveaway for a Garnier Oil Free BB Cream, and she was kind enough to throw in a few extras :) Initially I disliked it, as it was so liquidy, but now I am in LOVE with it, others I've tried pale in comparison (no7, original Garnier, Maybelline, L'oreal). It's my go to skin base at the moment: not orange (for me!), high coverage, SPF, matte like finish. Currently on offer at Boots for £7.49, I might stock up!
I wore it yesterday with some powder and I was even told by a stranger I could be on a HD channel :D


  1. damn your so lucky about the naked palette. x

  2. i LOVE ciate nail polishes! great finds, you got some bargains

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  3. wow at the naked palette!

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  4. Wow you completely lucked out! Now i've stopped working Sundays I need to get down to Battersea!

  5. Love your Topshop jewellery!
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  6. lovely post!

    -Kayla Marie

  7. That's some great shopping! Loving that Topshop jewellery <3

  8. great post!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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  9. yay for the urban decay!

  10. Hi Georgia! This is Jenna, I used to be at Oh, Bother and now I am starting a fresh new blog at http://scarlettandgiselle.blogspot.com. I would love it if you could check it out. =] Good to see you are doing well and I am so jealous of the Urban Decay palette haha.

    <333 Jenna

  11. lovely post!

  12. Everyone seems to love these naked pallets, I'll have to give them a try

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  13. Love the naked palette!

    A little bit Unique


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Fankss man :)