The Evil English Teacher

We happen to have the most boring English teacher in the world. He has a seating plan, which he has placed me on the edge of the class, where only me and two others sit (hence I am not in the photos). Everytime I sit down for a double, I just about cry. So in attempt to "liven" up the class we try a new trick everytime he ventures out of the classroom.

First we tried hiding under our desks: a classic.

He then returned to annotating our poems like nothing happened. Eventually we had to give up and retreat from under our desks.

Then we turned our desks round the wrong way: a surefire way to crack him.

Yet again he showed no emotion whatsoever and stood at the back of the class to continue teaching.

AHHHHHHH we've run out of ideas!


  1. hahaha that's so funny! i wonder what would happen if i tried hiding under my desk in school...? i'll have to try it :]


  2. Wow, that's so funny xD

    my class will never try to do that. because we'd get int trouble for it.


Fankss man :)