Because today is a lazy day, there is no outfit post. Unless I feel like it later?
I find them depressing anyway because atm I'm using my phone camera.
Here, have my latest article I wrote for the local guardian online. Yes, a little unimaginative but I can't get away from it, so I gave up trying to avoid it.

Swine Flu

I have to say, one of my worst yet?
Here are my others, some of which I am proud of (the public transport one)

Public Transport: The Marmite of London
Credit Crunch? Not in my caravan...
Traditional Dress - Lost to the Nation?
Teen drama: Skins
Lily Allen - Popstar or Political Speaker?

Then again, I think an outfit post is worth it, due to the fact that I'm wearing my Topshop bloomers. Tempting...


  1. Hi, i found your blog via glitterpills. i really like it! would sooo appreciate if you took a look at mine:)

  2. ooh i love the pictures you update P:

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