Rose tinted spectacles 00

pretty underwear; free starbucks latte with the bf; disposable photo from summer
jamie & coffee; table ornaments in bristol; jamie again 
disposable photo from nye; houses of parlament from the thames; beer on the pier
fishcake salad in bristol; big ben from the thames; fancy jacket potato in bristol 
hai its me; thames view; haiii its me again

Just some fake "instagram" shots seeing as I only have a crappy Blackberry. Can't believe my phone is meant to last me 2 years - 6 months in and I have to do a battery pull every morning plus I have three apps [zomg] which is apparently too much. Really? Really?

I think I'll do this every two weeks as I like seeing my life looking way cooler than it actually is, hence the post title. I even considered #myindielife or #myhipsterlife.

Caaaan I interest you in some lovely items in my eBay? Some aztec pieces that will take you from spring to summer, AND a beautiful brand new Topshop fur coat. See here


  1. Great post all of these phots are so cool :) I hope you follow my blog :)



  2. your blog is great :) will definitely check out your ebay too! xoxo

  3. that aztec jacket is gorgeous <3
    its so true about the "instagram" photos making everything look better!
    that probably means i should start using it more often : /

    also, by the sounds of your phone situation it seems like your going to need an upgrade asap! hopefully the next year and a half goes by quick...

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. I love posts like this! Keep doing them, I say! I've just been checking out your ebay stuff, god I really wish I needed a new coat, I'd be all over the faux fur one! xx

  6. I've had it up to here with my Blackberry as well! iphone next! Love the photos anyhow. xE

  7. Ha ha! Love this post. You look wonderful! x

  8. These shots are lovely, and your top is amazing!


Fankss man :)