If I could go to prom...

Unfortunately, because I live in England, our school doesn't see the need for proms. However I see the need for this American tradition: a fashion show with fun, friends and dancing?
Anyway, I found a dress I would love to wear to my imaginary prom ^ But I'm thinking tied behind my back and all the way around, not just hanging. When I found this image, I also found another by the same photographer, who's actually shooting hair. This was my favourite:

Images courtesy of Richard Turgoose


The Dreaded Outdoors

I hate this place. It brings back memories of pain.

My feet are ACHING after my dreaded school hike. I think we walked 20K over the whole weekend, most of it uphill. However, I did take some very green pictures of the hellhole (remind me to never ever ever go to Wormeley again).

No offence if you live in Wormley.


Red + Blue = Purple

Just what I wore recently. I have to admit its not my best photo editing :S

(but its obligatory because I'm not that photogenic)

vintage red skirt, blue top gap, chains various && homemade


Pearl Drops

White Nails ...


The Height Of Cool

It has to be Shingai Shoniwa, lead singer of the "up and coming" band The Noisettes. Hold your breath now, I'm about to gush ... Their latest single, Don't Upset the Rhythm is unbearably cool - the clothes in the video are amazing.
Take a look...

None of photos belong to me, collaged by me.



Tuxedo : tux·e·do
n., pl. -dos or -does.
A man's dress jacket, usually black with satin or grosgrain lapels, worn for formal or semiformal occasions. Also called dinner jacket. A complete outfit including this jacket, trousers usually with a silken stripe down the side, a bow tie, and often a cummerbund.

Collage made by me.


The Evil English Teacher

We happen to have the most boring English teacher in the world. He has a seating plan, which he has placed me on the edge of the class, where only me and two others sit (hence I am not in the photos). Everytime I sit down for a double, I just about cry. So in attempt to "liven" up the class we try a new trick everytime he ventures out of the classroom.

First we tried hiding under our desks: a classic.

He then returned to annotating our poems like nothing happened. Eventually we had to give up and retreat from under our desks.

Then we turned our desks round the wrong way: a surefire way to crack him.

Yet again he showed no emotion whatsoever and stood at the back of the class to continue teaching.

AHHHHHHH we've run out of ideas!


Drunk Lesbians...

On Thursday the 19th March I attended my schools "Classics Dinner with Guest Speaker Margaret Mountford". For those who don't know her, shes' the grey haired lady who sits next to Alan Sugar on the tv programme "The Apprentice". Lovely. And her speech must have been funny because people were laughing. They decided to seat our year at the back.

Yes, that is us after. From left, Phoebe, Me, Josh, Ellen, Lucy.

The highlight of this prestigious evening was the drunken sixth former next to us who proceeded to tell us of her homosexuality all evening and then hit on Phoebe. Oh and chucking grapes at her was fun. And then watching her hit herself with a spoon. :)

wearing dorothyperkins green tunic, french supermarket velvet blazer. AND phoebes bag topshop, lucys dress newlook.


Are you all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

SO, lets start this with a bit of I&I: inspiration and information.
Todays I&I will be one of my favourite photo shoots, "Tales of the Unexpected", Vogue Nov 08 by Tim Walker.