In the rubble are all the things that you've been dreaming of

topshop tights, vintage coat, random white tank, mexx bag, necklace accessorize

Sorry for the rubbish bathroom shots, got a bit of lovely sink in the corner here... 
This was, as you might have guessed, just before the heat wave kicked in and London decided to simultaneously combust. Naked burning people everywhere. Me, I was lying on my balcony revising English Lit, drinking litre upon litre of water. Whilst I was reading upon on Seamus Heaney, water fights, barbeques and general frolicking in the sun was occurring elsewhere. Off to revise Spanish and Chem.
I'll be seeing you

Photo credit Izzy
Post title from "Love Lost" by the Temper Trap, saw them at Shepherds Bush in April (will post... eventually) and it was bloody amazing. Thank you Meg.

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A decade in the dark taking part in a dream

vintage red skirt, belt && bag, ebay sheer blouse, primark tights and top, new look boots, topshop socks, old necklace

I love love love my Ebay sheer blouse. Why pay £20 at H&M when you can pay £2.50? Its ideal for summer layering.

And so, this is me at the car boot sale.. I was looking for an oversize pattern cardigan, these are the two I found (for your amusement), but waaay to oversize for my shortness: they say there's a limit. Got two new necklaces - I can't help it, I have an obsession - a tee which I've already chopped, bag and some standard knitwear. I'll be back there in two weeks.

Also, curse my feet. Stupid size.
And Biology papers. A paper cut per exam.
Blogging to you from past paper hell
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Photo credit to Izzy, camera and shot taking.


I'm karma babe. And karma's a bitch

dad's grey oversize top, primark socks and shoes, mexx bag, unknown tights

A casual Saturday outfit.. I know its probably my dullest outfit (I'm not leaving this to discussion, it could potentially have a hurtful impact), but I really loved the wall, kind of mossy and green. I walked past someone shooting a film by the very old mansion next to this, and was so tempted to just go and ask if they needed extras.. Has anyone ever done this?? Anyway, the leading lady was wearing an amazing 1950's floral dress, just to let you know..

As a belated present, does anyone have this camera and would recommend it? I'm pretty decided, but this is a final check...


p.s post title from 90210. great line.
off to a car boot sale now, I'll bring you back some finds

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Fool's Gold

Just occurred to me that I have never ever ever done a jewellery post. Which is strange, because I'm proud of my jewellery collection. And below, we have a selections of my short chain necklaces and pendant charms, mainly gold, with a selection of silver...

Bottom, left to right: primark; turkey; turkey; unknown; unknown; turkey; vintage; france

I have a tendency to break the chains they come with, so I have a lot of loose charms I pick and choose.
This is, of course, only part 1. Expect colour and florals in part 2: coming soon.

On a bad note, in my Spanish oral exam, I told the examiner that to help the environment, I always shut the door.

Good day to you x

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Ok, I officially give up trying to align these photos. I click centre, and the photo decides to reposition itself to the bottom of the page. WHY? I'm going to lose it soon.


Cherry Blossom

As you can see, I've expanded my blog space, I felt so confined before, the photos were restricted to 400pixels etc.. So, the previous posts might look slightly jumbled until I sort stuff out.. 
        But I feel this can be a start to a fresher, happier blog :)

Recently I ventured to a cherry blossom orchard for a picnic and some family-related fun.. Look at those overlooming clouds: we only had to scramble for umbrellas once, a process involving rapid food moving, hoods and a slightly squashed sandwich..

I'll be back, shockingly soon, armed with some white lace..

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topshop shorts, primark lace top, vintage pearls, accesorize bracelet


Where is my mind?

Hmm, well on my birthday weekend, had some people round for a bbq and a den fest. It involved a wigwam collapsing, guitar playing and many, many tealights on the wooden balcony..

Nigella's Rocky Roads.. YUM.

ebay top, topshop shorst, vintage flower && barbour
Look at what my desk's been like for the past weeks:
Constant turmoil. See y'all soon

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-Pixies, Where is my mind? Great song for when you're feeling particularly moody...

photo credit: Lucy, Izzy