You sly shaggy dog


ebay metallic glitter dress £2, topman cross necklace £10 £3, elf nail varnish in metal madness, barry m lip red lip crayon

Unfortunately I'm selling this beautiful beautiful beautiful fur coat, as I literally do not have the space to keep it :( 
It's brand new with tags, and the most amazing, cosy statement coat you'll ever find. The silver dress && matte red lipstick are the perfect partner, however, it's getting the plain old pleather jacket tommorow for Phoebe's 18th (shout out to Phoebe there!). 
Think you can give this coat a nice friendly home? Check out the ebay listing

Onto nails, I lobe this nail varnish -  a charcoal grey with multi-coloured glitter, and it's currently only ONE POUND. How amazing? 
Yes, I wore it without a top coat, and yes, it did chip but... Free shipping last weekend and so...  Their £1.50 eyelid primer is the fantastic. Srsly changed my life. I was a bit annoyed they changed their formula && colour for the lipstick "Classy" - I had been expecting a light pink but it is dark pink?!?! See this blog

I bid all of thee good night, with my apologies for the absence, I lost my camera remote, ordered a new one Sunday (£1.93) and BOOM on my doorstep this morning. Very impressed Amazon, very impressed. 300 followers yayyyyy!


Its like I told you honey

topshop jeans from my sister, asos ashford black boots £75 £37.50,
 ebay sheer polka dot shirt £2, ebay tweed blazer £2, 
ebay bag £3, topman necklace £1, maybelline lipstick in pleasure me red

This is a weak attempt to jump on the "instagram" band wagon, which is actually quite difficult when you don't own an iPhone ha. One day, one day...
These are my favourite shoes ever, I'll wear them all night and they are sooo comfortable - probably because I added an insole which makes a world of a difference, top tip right there. 
At the moment, I'm just struggling  to curb my ebay addiction, it's getting out of hand. I've bought about 5 things recently, all lovely, including a metallic glittery dress which I'll be wearing soon. And I've lots of stuff to update the shop with, some may or may not be glittery.... Stay tuned!

Almost reached 300 followers on GFC! :O Very very exciting for me :)
Heard Born to Die by Lana Del Rey? An excellent song, just ignore the second verse because the lyrics are frankly embarrassing.


Black Cherry Cross

velvet charity shop leggings £3.50, asos jersey top £9, topman cross necklace £10 £3, topshop ring, river island blouse £25 £12, revlon super lustrous lipstick in black cherry

Happy belated New Year! Went to the O2 arena for NYE, saw Chase & Status, Zane Lowe and Kasabian with the boyfriend. Needless to say, it was amazing. My favourite part was when we counted down twice because they forgot to release the confetti and balloons the first time...

Didn't do a "gift" post despite my curious nature tending to enjoy them, but I did receive the ring and lipstick for Christmas. And Revlon Colorstay foundation, which I will highly recommend to anyone. This is also an "Xmas sales" post, went to Oxford Street (not Boxing Day or Christmas Eve, already made both those mistakes) but had to look at man shops all day. Sigh.

Now please someone help me prioritise, I have an exam on Friday the 13th and I've managed to watch 3 seasons of Scrubs in a week (I realised what I'd been missing out on).

See y'all, check out the shop