You got the blue train

Another outfit I wore out with friends. I love love love the pattern of the skirt; the daisys are adorable. Also thought I'd show you my henna tattoo...

handmade dress (worn as skirt), vintage belt, primark necklace && top


Squiggles of light

An eventful Friday:
1) 6.10 am Georgia wakes up
2) 7.50am Georgia eats free tea and toast at Eden Café
3) 8.01am Georgia is at a live Frank Turner gig at Banquet Records
4) 8.43am Georgia is late for school
5) 8.50am Georgia gets detention for being late
No photos, but when the official video comes out I will hopefully be in it (for his new single he plays 12 gigs in a day - I was at the first)

6) 10.26pm Georgia is at Trafalgar Square with other Michael Jackson supporters!!!Here are some of the better photos I took (just light really...)
For more information and pictures, heres my article on the event:


Cold desire makes a moon without a tide

My bleached shorts! I added black ink to them as well when wet to create more of a tie-die effect. The ends need some work though, they were originally some nasty grey jeans donated by a friend.

In addition to this (recently took a history exam, its my favourite "intelligent" phrase) the post title is from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I've had them on my iPod for some time now, but have recently been listening to them too much lately. Especially "Maps". It's very good. Go buy it :)

various chains, vintage blazer, DIY-ed cut offs, primark top, boots market, bracelet gift


We'll build a fire in your eyes

Cintia Dicker favourite shoot. Found this and had a major deja vu, turns out she was in a UK Glamour shoot a while ago which ended up on my wall - although most things do :)

For once I can't decide my favourite, although the last one involving water (I find water so interesting) gets definite preference.


Her shadow queen black with light

I'm so happy - my mum finally gave me this vintage Louis Vuitton satchel and matching wallet! She bought it about 20 years ago, so its a bit battered but that's what makes "vintage" vintage.

I visited the market in this few weekends ago (late upload due to lost wire). Came out pretty well considering I used my phone camera.
cardigan charity shop, vintage hat && bag, white thing && belt unknown, vintage fiorucci denim skirt , plimsolls john lewis


You've got lips of cherry chrome

Yay! As promised an outfit post! I wore it out to the park to a "gathering" with a lot of friends. Needless to say. the weather was glorious then, now, however, dark clouds loom over me like a great big loomy thing. I think I have "verbal diarrhoea", something my Spanish teacher told me I need to develop. In Spanish. But top marks in my oral :)

vintage cardigan, white thing && necklace unknown, bag market, plimsolls john lewis


She's a naughty girl with a bad habit for drugs

So so sorry for lack of updates, have been busy with revision, exams and the mandatory dress which follows it...
Also wrote my article, which incidentally is about blogging. Read it here
Found this image on styleslicker, I love it.

Great for all seasons? Remove the tights and voila! An outfit for all occasions :)

p.s. post title courtesy of mr G (summer heights high)
p.p.s. due for an outfit post aren't I? I'll try not to keep you waiting...
sources: style slicker


I want never gets...

topshop summer
Something I created while avoiding revision today. What's your favourite?
all topshop


I close my eyes and see something better fairy tales

This is photography by Sarah Herman, I found her on flickr. See her stream here
What do you think? Very serene and mystical. Reminds me of faires, and I love fairies.