And I feel so bohemian like you

How beautifully wonderful is this necklace? I've never seen silver, gold and grey forced together so harmoniously... Hence it was perfect on bringing together the gold buttoned skirt and grey top. I received it from Sarah at Lushae nearly a month ago, but I knew I had to wait for the perfect summer's day to bring it out. I had to pick from all the designs there, and there were some fantastic rings (this one, appeared on that girl lucys blog), so it took me a long long time to choose, sorry! But definitely worth the wait, don't you think?
primark sunglasses, Lushae necklace, vintage satchel, charity shop sandals, ebay skirt, topshop grey racerback
So these are my slightly cat-eye sunglasses. They're not the pointed ones I wanted, but I still love them, and for £1.. Well, enough said. I bought two. Because I break things. I don't normally wear my hair up, (I look like a boy) but it was verging on 30 degrees, so rules had to be broken. Hopefully I'll have tanned a bit..
And maybe you can't tell, maybe you can, but these are phone photos, hence the dodgy editing. But I like yellow, it means summer.

OH YEAH, exams are over!
Bring on work experience.
And "Bohemian Like You - The Dandy Warhols" is a great summer track.
hi to my gorgeous friend, who shall not be named. enjoy my ex v-sista


Just smoke one cigarette and hush

ebay red and white spot sheer blouse, vintage satchel, h&m dance leggings and sunglasses, charity shop wedges, random pearls

Not going to lie: when I recieved this spotty blouse, I automatically reached for my Levi cut-offs. It took great self restraint to unbutton them and repace them with these shiny dance leggings (in the photos they are deceivingly matt) - I seriously overwear my Levi's. You just can't go wrong with them... ANYWAY, these are my first pair of wedges, from a charity shop. I need serious practice in them. Serious practice. I actually find them harder to walk in than normal heels... weird.

Goodbye for now, ONLY 3 MORE EXAMS TO GO! Freedom is so close.
Hey new followers :)
And anyone watch England V Algeria? Shocking.
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Vena Cava

I don't usually study or post about collections, only glance at other posts, but I always find myself drawn to "resort season". How have I never heard of Vena Cava before? Anyway, this is their Resort 2011 collection, and I'm in love.
Metal strap detail. Crocheted string vests. Zigzag detail. It's so perfectly simple. 

pictures taken off style.com
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Crack a broken bone

carboot sale white lace scarf, car boot sale zara cardigan, topshop grey tunic, random plaited belt, h&m sunglasses, car boot sale bag
Ok, I lie, this isn't actually a scarf. Its a long rectangular piece of white lace, and I think it's originally a curtain, but hey, it was 70p! Can't go wrong with a 70p bit of synthetic curtain! I felt weird wearing it because it then meant I couldn't wear a necklace, and I felt NAKED. Still, good call on wearing the curtain as it was SO windy that day. I'll show the bag properly next time (£1). Anyway, I only have 7 exams left, out of my 16! Freedom is close..
And damn, I missed the fortnightly car boot sale. Party the night before + 8.30AM Sunday morning wake up + trains down = Bed till 12.
Look left, see the music? PLAY. And I didn't set it to autoplay because that seriously gets annoying sometimes. BUT LISTEN, it's a bloody amazing tune. "Blues Blood Blues" by "The Dead Weather"
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Pudding and Pie

Georgia Porgia, pudding and pie
Kissed the boys and made them cry
Georgia May Jagger. I would like to say that she stole my name, but she's two years older than me, which is kind of upsetting at times. Beautiful yes? If she had to be a mix of models, it would be Lara Stone, Abbey Lee and Angelina Jolie (just for the lips). And Brigitte Bardot, fo'shaw.
When all the girls came out to play
Georgia Porgia ran away

no photos belong to me, sourced off google images


Faster than the setting sun, we'll run

So I've begun with the beautiful day sky.

And I shall end with this beautiful setting sun.

This is an outfit from a long time ago, before these tights were laddered beyond use. This day was the start of summer, and I celebrated with a picnic with crab sandwiches, kettle chips and KitKats. Not forgetting the pineapple && coconut juice. I look back on that time with envy. I wasn't too keen on the photos, but they are of a happy time.

primark tights, topshop tank dress, random belt, vintage satchel, ebay crochet cardigan



Damn you pictures, why won't you align?