Livin' la Vida Loca

What I wore for Mexican with the girls.. And of course we had to wear sombreros.
The restaurant had a great playlist formed of Ricky Martin and the Macarena...
And who can resist nachos and cheese?
^Pouring the Killer Zombie's..
urban outfitters dress worn as skirt, vintage denim jacket, primark top && necklace, new look shoes

Of course, I would have loved to have just worn the denim jacket, but, naturally it was nearly negative degrees so it simple wasn't an option... Cue the piling of cardigans, hoodies and coats - it's all in the layers. My various layers weren't around at the time of these photos, so I challenge you to imagine. I can't wait till summer.

I'm already planning my uniform, a good cream sun hat paired with gold jewellery and pastel coloured dresses. What are you going to be living in this summer?

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Birds of a feather

Jameela Jamil , tfs

Been away in half term, hence the length from the last post, but I've got some winning outfit posts up my sleeve.. I'll be seeing you, soon.

Oh and hi to my new followers!


Don't look back into the sun

Long time no post, but hey I've had exams! This jumper was a present from my mum for getting an A* in my Maths GCSE early.. One down, nine to go! AND I'M SEEING JAMIE T TONIGHT I'M SO EXCITED!

topshop jumper and skirt, vintage bag and pearls
Sorry for the weird lighting, when your 8year old brother helps you take photographs, it can't be helped! Oh and have a weird photo from a reflection in glass. The light is pretty :)