Like vines we intertwine

Yet again, I apologise. I went on an unplanned holiday minus a camera or phone, and therefore there has been a lack of posts :( Sorry! However...

Encore of the denim jacket! This time it returns hand in hand with the "Krisp" playsuit! Krisp is a usually tacky shop in my local shopping centre, which is gradually improving, hence I decided to swallow all fears of silver glitter glued onto fluorescent yellow ruffles and venture inside... and found this floral playsuit was reduced to 10squid! Result!
krisp playsuit, vintage denim jacket, handmade necklace
Also, I can promise you more posts soon. Let's shake on it.


Where I go, we're dressing down

Is it bad that I've seen Harry Potter twice already? And have scheduled various more screenings? Ah well (and yes I know its not even that great). I feel it's my duty as a Harry Potter neek.
hype me? pretty please?

desert boots && necklace from car boot sale, dads tank (again!), h&m boys leather jacket, vintage belt


In the spring I shed my skin

Now its summer (ish) I've rediscovered my love of cycling. On the road. Sometimes I find it a lot more interesting and enjoyable because of the lovely smooth surface. What do you think?
vintage silk shirt && satchel, DIY bleached shorts, second hand sandals, dads grey top :)
p.s i got lookbook! check this look out there in the spring I shed my skin
p.p.s i sorted out the broken link, so sorry!


This is a gift, it comes at a price

So sorry for the neglection of the blog! I would also like to say thank you for all the lovely comments, and I'm getting back to all of them! Anyways, heres an outfit I wore to a party...

Post title from Florence and the Machine, I saw her last year at a gig - amazing gold and silver face paint! Oh and my chosen song (Alright by Supergrass) and text message was played/read out on Xfm today! It made me so happy - it was todays "Songbook Status" :)

topshop dress, vintage levi denim shirt, necklace a gift, barratts heels