Carboots & BB Creams

Naked palette + Ciate nail varnish + Topshop top (not pictured) = £15
Topshop necklace + Topshop ring = ~£5
L'oreal resurfacing primer £2
Nivea men's face wash £1
Striped scarf 50p
The Help by Kathyrn Stockett 20p

I couldn't believe my luck when the first stall I visited at Battersea car boot sale had a brand new Urban Decay Naked Palette sitting casually on the table. Some very stylish ladies were holding the table too, my sister picked up a Love dress, H&M shorts and a silky shirt from them too. The problem was that I then ran out of money, so cue running to Tesco's to get some more cash to spend :)
Needless to say I'm visiting again next week in hope of some more incredible bargains!

And a little thank you to Sascha at beautygeekuk.com, I won her giveaway for a Garnier Oil Free BB Cream, and she was kind enough to throw in a few extras :) Initially I disliked it, as it was so liquidy, but now I am in LOVE with it, others I've tried pale in comparison (no7, original Garnier, Maybelline, L'oreal). It's my go to skin base at the moment: not orange (for me!), high coverage, SPF, matte like finish. Currently on offer at Boots for £7.49, I might stock up!
I wore it yesterday with some powder and I was even told by a stranger I could be on a HD channel :D


Dam Square (please remember to check out!)

ebay shorts £1, primark plimsolls £1, charity shop top £1, miss selfridge collar necklace £3, claires sunglasses £3, random belt
[bf: primark shorts £11, asda sunglasses & river island sleeveless tee £9]

Don't think I'll ever forget the voice of the tram repeating "Dam Square" every time we passed it (hence the weird post title hehe). The trams definitely played a part in my falling in love of the city, they seemed so much calmer than hectic London buses & tubes. Incidentally we witnessed a tram crash, which ended up becoming a mothers meeting for the policemen ;)

Stocked nearly nineteen items on eBay, it's clearout time! Go take a peek


Baseball Daze

asos brown leather sandals £20 £9, levi 501 cut offs via rokit £10, topman tee via charity shop £3, topman triangle necklace £2, h&m satchel via charity shop £2.50

Just an outfit I don't even have to think about wearing, just add tights for warmth.
Had an amazing girly holiday in Valencia, mixing up chilling on the terrace, exploring the city and "partying" by the beach. And my second post will be the incredible car boot sale finds at Battersea Boot sale. It was my first time at Battersea, and it was just incredible. Anyway, happy Monday everyone :)