Aimlessly wandering towards blue

missguided high waisted leggings via ebay £3, charity shop faux fur coat £10, charity shop blouse £2, asos jewelry, isobel kho canvas tote, topshop boots £7

A very quick outfit post, not the best photos but it rained all day and my boyfriend, bless him, is still learning how to use the 'big' camera. I'm wearing some missguided leggings I had on my xmas list then came across by chance on ebay, which I've actually had to break in. First time I've had to break in a pair of leggings...

Loving all things penguin related: I want this canvas penguin print bag from Isobel Kho, and this animal onesie (or kigurumi). Or someone start breeding me a micropenguin in preparation for my birthday. Preferably looking like this

Awww. Hope you're having a very merry lead up to Christmas


  1. you have such stunning hair! i love it :)



  2. I love this leggings, and that coat is such a find. ♥

  3. ahh your high waisted leggings are such a neat color! they're good against the black and white. :) your hair is so big, I am jealous aha <3

  4. Hi, I think you're really awesome and amazingly beautiful. I have a poster of you on my wall and want to be like you so much. I copy your dress sense and have dyed my hair your colour. I'm sorry if this freaks you out but I couldn't keep it from you any longer; your just so gorgeous. I'm a bit younger than you and I live near you. I see you around and you're even more beautiful in real life. I've even followed you a couple of times just to see what you get up to. I've tried talking to you but every time I try I get too nervous. I'm really sorry if you find this weird but I think I'm in love with you. You're my idol.

  5. great outfit and you have gorgeous hair:)

  6. Give me your hair!!
    Really like those leggings, I always seem to forget about Missguided X

  7. Great outfit :D And I can see that you get tons of comment on it: but WOW your hair!!!


    xxx ninja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)


Fankss man :)