The Orange Paper Hat

cutout shoulder red dress vero moda @ asos £24 £16.50, topshop ring, fashionistA magnetic nail polish in frankie

Merry Boxing day Boxing day!* I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that you've awoken from various food comas. My parents banned me from eating my 4th mini Christmas dinner today. It was sad. Anyway, instead of listing gifts (both the nail polish- which chips like crazy -and ring were gifts though) I'll list what we ate. So I can relive the deliciousness which is Christmas food.

Starter: Gravlax - cold cured salmon (which I cured myself!) with a creamy horseradish sauce and capers
Main: Roast turkey, pigs in a blanket, stuffing, sage & onion sausage meat, almond & marzipan sausage meat, brussel sprouts, slightly charred parsnips, roast potatoes all smothered in gravy and served with bread sauce & cranberry jelly. Mmmm
Dessert: White chocolate cheese cake, Christmas pudding

Yes Christmas lunch is quite the (delayed) occasion at my house. Looking forward to turkey soup & sandwiches. Anyway, I've got to go and drain my cinnamon & gingerbread syrup. Originally meant to be gingerbread, but got a bit excited with the cinnamon sticks... 
I'll leave you with my favourite Christmas tree decoration, this adorable owl.

*For Americans, that's the British name for the day after Christmas when you give presents to your servants, post men etc. This year my servants (aka my three brothers) got their presents on the day. Lucky beggars


  1. You look soo lovely! and i really like your nails!! i really want to try it out for myself! Hope you had a great Christmas! x

  2. Haha love your little asterix at the bottom!
    Also I'm rather jel of your white chocolate cheesecake, we had proffiteroles (probs spelt this wrong) that hadn't defrosted and burnt chocolate sauce : /


  3. Lovely outfit!!!

    Kisses Anne


  4. Amazing pictures! They remind me of something taken a long time ago for some reason. I really like the lighting. Merry late christmas love!

  5. You're so beautiful and that dress is lovely. These photos are so amazingly festive too! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & Boxing Day

    Leigh xx

  6. Lovely pictures! You are very beautiful :-)

  7. These pictures are really beautiful, I love your outfit and your tree, and the composition of the shots. I've never had a real tree but I think they look much prettier. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, it sounds like you had a feast! xx

  8. beautiful dress!! :) happy nye hun! :) x

  9. You look beautiful! The dress looks perfect on you!

  10. Aw, the owl decoration is truly adorable! <3 And I love your dress! The colour is truly incredible, and I am obsessed with the shape!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  11. Beautiful photos, I love your dress xx

  12. you know i had been really confused about boxing day. my bf said it was a canadian holiday lol.

    love that nail polish


Fankss man :)