Squiggles of light

An eventful Friday:
1) 6.10 am Georgia wakes up
2) 7.50am Georgia eats free tea and toast at Eden Café
3) 8.01am Georgia is at a live Frank Turner gig at Banquet Records
4) 8.43am Georgia is late for school
5) 8.50am Georgia gets detention for being late
No photos, but when the official video comes out I will hopefully be in it (for his new single he plays 12 gigs in a day - I was at the first)

6) 10.26pm Georgia is at Trafalgar Square with other Michael Jackson supporters!!!Here are some of the better photos I took (just light really...)
For more information and pictures, heres my article on the event:


  1. hehe the squiggles look really cool actually :)

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Fankss man :)